Yummy Taco Salad

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YummyTacoSalad1With Cinco de Mayo just around the corner, I can’t think of a better time to introduce you to one of my favorite family Mexican recipes.

Taco Salad has been a hit in my family for many years. Not only is it conveniently easy to make but it’s a meal that the whole family will enjoy. One of things that I really like about tacos is there no way to ruin your meal since you can prepare it how you like it. You can season your meat spicy or keep it mild which is always desired by those who don’t like hot or spicy foods. Adding your special toppings like fresh tomatoes, shredded cheese, homemade salsa and sour cream will delight your taste buds.

Many people celebrate the 5th of May often with a tasty cocktail perhaps a frozen margarita or a shot of tequila and of course some tortilla chips. In this household, it’s all about a fiesta specially with making this yummy taco salad.

With celebrating this Mexican Heritage, I have decided to make taco bowls instead of the just use the ordinary taco shells. By doing this, it becomes an all in one type of meal. I’ve made taco bowls plenty of times for my family and they love it!

What’s great to know, since now the taco bowl is edible, you can tear off a piece then scoop up your fixings inside just like you would do with a tortilla chip or fork.

I used a taco mold to make my bowls although you can use a large muffin pan or oven safe glassware to mold your bowls into place.


Just bring on the good stuff is what I hear from my kids. Granted, we don’t have an inch of Mexican heritage in us but we sure indulge in their foods. Considering we are a family that loves to dip, this taco recipe is a bonafide hit.

We all know how messy it can be eating tacos, so having the option to create a bowl is great specially for families. It keeps all your ingredients safely secured in the bowl without the mess.



With just the right spices, the best way to describe this yummy taco salad is pure fulfillment.You will get the intake of veggies, your dairy products and protein from the meat. It’s a fun new twist on tacos. One of many reasons why I like to prepare this meal is because it doesn’t take much time. I’ve said this plenty of times, I rather sit and enjoy my meal with my family then stand in my kitchen for hours.

The taco salad takes less than 35 minutes to prepare and make. Giving you plenty of time to still enjoy your celebration of Cinco de Mayo.


So if your looking for a fun new twist on tacos give my yummy taco salad a try.

What is your favorite Mexican dish to make for Cinco de Mayo?


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  • Melissa Dixon

    This looks so good I want one right now! I think I will have to make these for my family this weekend! Thanks for sharing! My family thanks you too:)
  • Kori Tomelden

    That does look incredibly appetizing! I'm not a huge fan of tacos in their traditional format (soft or hard) but I absolutely love taco bowls and taco salads.
  • Heather Wone

    Taco salad is one of my top five favorite meals and we have it at least once a week! I just love your idea of using taco molds to make your own taco bowls, I am going to have to try that next time!
  • Amanda

    I feel really dumb admitting that I never knew that you could use flour tortillas to make a taco salad. I would love to get a super cute taco mold or at least bend the tortillas into all sorts of boys would love it!
  • Christi from

    I love taco salads. They are my go-to when I go to a new Mexican restaurant. This is a great recipe and I like that you used the taco molds to make your own taco salad bowls. That is a great idea!
  • Kathleen Kennedy-Leon

    I've never had taco salad and it looks like I'm missing the boat big time!! this looks like even I could make it and we'd really enjoy some new items! thanks for making it a step by step for even me!
  • Chubskulit Rose

    I love it that you have a tac mold, how neat is that! We don't really celebrate Cinco de Mayo but I would love to make this taco salad, it's something that my kids would love.

    I love a good homemade taco salad! This looks easy enough to make and super yummy. I will def give it a go! Thanks for the recipe.
  • Tom

    These look super yummy!!! We love to do a taco salad at home as well and it is one of our favorite dishes. Now that I have read this I will have to try our taco salad this way one night!!
  • Tyra

    Okay these look delicious! Making me hungry! I absolutely love the taco molds and may need to pick some of those up. Great recipe I will have to try.
  • Tiffany ~ Travel Blogger

    Tacos are on the menu this week, so I'm excited to try these! I love tacos and Mexican food, and could eat it every day!

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