Xtrema Ceramic 12″ Skillet Review

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As much time as we spend in our lives cooking in the kitchen for our families we always need a upgrade in cookware. Well I have some great news! If your looking to purchase some new cookware that will last you a life time then you need to take a look at Xtrema.

There is many benefits of cooking with ceramic cookware such as it’s durable and easy to clean. Xtrema’s cookware can with stand heat up to 2,700 Fahrenheit. It can be used in the oven, stove, broiler, freezer, grill , microwave oven and it’s also dishwasher safe. The cooking surface can not be scratched even when you use metal cooking utensils or steel wool.

When using your cookware for the first time on your electric or gas stove please start your heat settings to medium as it will take a few extra minutes to heat up. Once it reaches the proper temperature you can reduce the heat to a lower setting because the Xtrema cookware will retain heat for a longer period of time. I really like how Xtrema has this feature when using their products because not only it will save you less usage on your electric or gas bill but it will keep your foods cooking evenly.

Recently, I received the Xtrema Ceramic 12″ skillet to review and I am happy to share my views with you.

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This Xtrema Ceramic 12″ Skillet is the best pan that I ever owned. Having a family of 6 this certainly takes place of using 2 pans for cooking. It has some weight to it which I love. The other brand skillets that I have used are cheaply made and everything always sticks on the surface which makes it difficult to cook.  You won’t see those same results in this ceramic skillet. I liked how the red silicone handle cover comes off for easy cleaning.

PicMonkey Collage012120131

As seen in the picture above I used this skillet multiple times for cooking.

One day I decided to make some pasta sauce with hamburg and I must say that the sauce did not burn or stick onto the surface. On another day I decided to make the kids homemade steak n cheese subs and again the meat and cheese cooked evenly and didn’t burn. I also decided to try this skillet on a few ham slice pieces during our sunday brunch . The ham was cooked and was delicious.

Overall I loved this skillet and I use this often to make all my meals for my family.

You can visit Xtrema on their website to view this product and their complete sets.

Feel free to follow them on facebook, twitter, pinterest and you tube.

Please stay tuned for your chance to win your very own skillet starting on January 25th.


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