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Why my Sisters are Amazing Moms

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Can you imagine growing up with four sisters in the same household? -And you being the youngest girl in the family? I can’t even begin to express the huge amount of influence they had in my life growing up and me being their “little sister”. I have so many fond memories and I’m sure they would agree, all the times I tagged along with them, “watching” me while my mom has busy. As you can see, my sisters became my role models as they took apart of those “motherly duties” when they had too. Throughout my childhood years, I received so much love and guidance from each of them.

As for me, I wanted to be just like them. I looked up to my sisters and watched their every move. They didn’t mind it because they could see how interested I was mimicking their ways. -And of course, I loved being the youngest in the family because I didn’t want for anything. Having the sisters like I had growing up meant a bond, a friendship that lasts forever. Even til this day, my sisters are still there for me when I need advice or to vent.

When they got married and started a family of their own, I watched them blossom into becoming inspirational women. As they advanced experience with motherhood, my sister’s became exceptional mothers to their own children. Watching them care for my nieces and nephews was remarkable to see.

When I was younger, I often wondered how my sisters knew what to do when caring came so naturally for them.

I guess you can say we owe it all to one woman who started it all, our mother. With having six children, I am still ponder on how she did it. Having four children of my own, I realize how stressful things can be to make sure that each of them is loved and care for but can you imagine six. Five girls and one boy.

As many of you might not have known, my mother passed away two months ago from stage 4 cancer. Two years ago we received devastating news about her health. When the doctors told us that my mother had up to 6 months to live, you can only imagine how much sorrow began to grow in our hearts. With treatment and the best quality of care, my mom lived almost two years later.

When my mom’s health started to fail that is when my two sisters noticed a sudden change in her quality of life. My devoted sisters took it upon themselves to make sure that our mother received the best care. How do you ask? By never leaving her side. My sisters were dedicated in taking care of our mother. From making sure she was comfortable and pain- free. They transported her to medical appointments, picked up her medication, bathe her, cooked for her, cleaned her home while still keeping her company.

It was two weeks before my mother’s death when my oldest sister decided to stay with her 24 hours a day. Not at one time did my sister complain about it. She practically moved into my mother’s home and never left her side. Even although she had responsibilities of her own like at home and her job, she knew the importance of being with our mother and wouldn’t have it any other way.

You see, my sister’s unselfish ways made it possible for my mother’s dying wish. My mother requested to remain at her home until her death.  The care my mother received from my sisters was phenomenal. They did what most people can’t. My sisters are my inspiration. Words can not even describe how much strength was in them during this period of time. -And even at their weakest moments, they showed great strengths to move on and continue.

So with Mother’s Day approaching, I was thinking of a way to express my love and appreciation to my sisters, but most of all, celebrate them being amazing moms.

-And since my mom is no longer with us, I wanted to do something special for them to remember some of our mom’s favorites.
Celebrate Amazing Moms


So when I was shopping at Walmart the other day, I decided to pick up Mother’s Day Cards by American Greetings. I found that the American Greetings Mother’s Day Cards have the best inspirational words for any mother, especially for my sisters to receive. They had so many cards to choose from. I was also happy to see that American Greetings also offers gift wrap, gift bags and even tissue paper for my Mother’s Day Gifts gifts.

It so convenient when shopping at Walmart to pick up all my gift packaging supplies and my Mother’s Day Cards at the same time. Before leaving the store, I was still thinking what to give them then a thought came to mind, I instantly thought of my mom’s Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies. It was her favorite cookie by far. Chewy chocolate chip and chunks in the center with crispy thin edges. Omgosh they’re so yummy! I honestly will say, you can not eat just one.

When I was thinking about adding a special touch to the cookie gift box, I just knew that adding my mother’s favorite flower a rose would be heartfelt.

Do you know starting on April 25th on Walmart.com, you can save $2 on any American Greetings purchase of $5 or more? Now that’s what you call savings!



Amazing Moms


With so many ways to package my cookies and since these delicious treats will be taking a flight soon to reach my sisters, I grab a few decorative boxes that I already had on hand. All you will need for this tutorial is a small to medium size round box with cover, and American Greetings Tissue Paper to line your box.



First, I measured the width and length of the box. Being that my cookie gift box is shaped as a circle, I carefully began to cut with scissors my tissue paper. One of the things that you want to make sure of is having have enough tissue paper to cover up your cookies before placing the lid on.  I’ve made that mistake before and ended replacing the tissue paper because it was too short and wasn’t covering my tasty treats. -And when working with chocolate, you certainly don’t want it to melt on the paper.

So having the tissue paper a tad longer is a good thing.



Once you have your tissue placed in the box it’s time to add your cookies. Depending on the size and space inside of your box, you should be able to place in at least a half of dozen cookies. Take each corner of the tissue paper then bring it towards the middle until all four corners are covering your cookies.

Simple right? You can add a special sticker or label onto the tissue paper to keep it from not opening up through its travels. Baked goodies are always hit when a gift was given to my family and friends. They absolutely love receiving a special treat in the mail. Now, don’t forget to pick up an American Greetings Gift Bag to give your gift that final touch.



My Moms recipe for Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies brings back so many memories of her baking in the kitchen. It was something that she enjoyed making for her family and of course, we couldn’t resist these scrumptious cookies. -And you better believe not one crumb was left on the plate.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised that most of the ingredients needed for this recipe you might already have in your pantry.









Another way to celebrate amazing moms is to send chocolate. I mean who doesn’t love chocolate? I surely do and not just everyday candy but Dove Promise does it for me every time. I love getting delicious silky smooth chocolate that just melts in your mouth as gifts.  They’re my favorite chocolates to pick up when I want to spoil myself especially when Mother’s Day comes around.




Now when you’re making these cookies for your mom or that special woman in your life, make sure you save one, or two for you. You deserve a special treat too!  If you have sisters like I do then it’s a must to spoil them. When their hearts are unselfish the unconditional love given will never diminish.

For their unique ways shown, my sisters will always be amazing moms to me.



So tell me, on this Mother’s Day, how will you celebrate the Amazing Moms in your life?

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  • Jeanette

    I am so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine the pain you had to go through when you lost your mother. It's such a wonderful gift to have children that love their parents that much that they will do anything to take care. I am sure your sisters will love for you give them.
  • Darlene C.

    Michele that was absoluately beautiful thank you so much for writing it about me would of done anything for our mom she would be very proud of you right now seeing this love you xoxo
  • Maureen E.

    Thank you Michele that was beautiful.I thought i would get through the day with out shedding a tear but i was wrong the moment i started to read it..the tears started..that was written with allot of LOVE and like our big sis said . I would of done anything for our mom...I miss her more and more everyday..This Mothers Day will be especially hard for all of us since it will be the first one without her..but we do have each other and for that i am very grateful. Thank you again and do not forget your an amazing MOM as well...Love you xoxoxoxo
    • Darlene C.

      I totally agree with what you said Moe not going to be the same this Mothers Day without Ma but we will do our best to make sure she is with us on the special day Michele cant wait to have your cookies in honor of our beautiful loving caring thoughtful mom love you xoxo
  • Margaret Branch

    Home made gifts are my favorite and I think a great way to celebrate those who are closest to you. This weekend we are celebrating my sister in laws third baby and i am excited to make some homemade goodies for her and my newest niece.
  • Up Run For Life

    Your sisters sound amazing. I remember when I got the phone call that my mom was super sick and needed to go to the hospital. I was in charge bc dad was out of town. I left work to be by her side. At the time, I didn't know we were close to the end but I know that she needed me, my sisters, and brother. I just held her hand. Unfortunately, she was days from the end as infection plagued her body and it was shutting down from the effects of Alzhiemers. I was the oldest of 3 sisters and a brother. There is a large gap between me and the twins. One of them is a new mom and the other two aren't yet.
  • Kathy

    I love home made gifts. This is such a wonderful idea. Cards are always a great gift, and those cookies are even better. I need to make some of these for my mother as well as some of my friends that are mothers.
  • Lynndee

    Such thoughtful Mother's Day gifts. I'm still undecided on what to give my mom, sister and sister-in-law's this year other than cards. They'd be delighted to receive cookies too for sure.
  • CourtneyLynne

    Omg I'm so sorry for you loss :( however you are truly blessed to have from the sounds of it amazing sisters. Hope y'all enjoy Mother's Day :)
  • Travel Blogger

    I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your mom. I can't imagine how hard that would be but it looks like you and your sisters have an amazing support network. It makes me so thankful for my sister as well.
  • Ashley

    Growing up my sister and I weren't terribly close because of our age difference but now that we have kids of our own we bond over the shared trials of motherhood. i love the idea of sending her a little gift on mothers day.

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