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When your children are ready for Emails, Choose Kids Email.Org!

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My 9 year old son has been on the computer and playing his educational games since he was 3 years old.  Because of him being an adolescent, it’s important for my husband and I to be observant of the websites he visits and which games he plays. I wouldn’t say that I am overprotective but when using the computer in my home there are rules.

As you all know, the internet and modern technology plays an important role in our lives. As parents, we use it everyday as a form of communication, networking, internet games and even work.  It’s honestly something that we now do without much hesitation. As for our children and having access to computers, tablets or cellphones we must rely on the best software, services and apps to keep them protected from any harm doing or doers.

Just recently, I was speaking to my husband about letting our youngest son have an email account. We kinda tossed up the idea thinking that it would be a great way for him to communicate with us and his friends. Some might think that a 9 year old would be still too young to have an email account although you might be right if your planning to set up a gmail or yahoo account for them.

But what would you say if I told you that this great company called Kids Email. Org specializes in protecting your children and still giving them their freedom. I think I heard you say, Yes tell me more!


Kidsemail.org allows you as a parent to set up an email account for your child that is totally kid friendly and the best part is you can try it out for Free!

First you begin by registering your information and activating your account. Once that has been completed then you can start adding your children’s names to the account . Please be aware when setting up your children’s names, choose a fitting name as this will be shown in receivers inbox.

You also have an option to change the look and settings if you have an older child that might have less rules or restrictions. You can choose the fun and colorful backgrounds that are suitable for children or pre-teens.



Next is setting up for safe emails. Parents can choose for their children to receive only from contact list and parents can choose to receive an incoming message as well. You can also choose to remove incoming links, pictures, attachments and even emails with bad words. As a parent, you could also set up “your grounded” rule, which means the child can not access his or her email until it’s lifted by the date you choose or time. Loving that feature! This also goes for time restrictions when your child could actually access his email account. Pretty neat!

Email for Kids is the best option available for parents to start their children with their very own email address.


Lastly, as a parent you have that option to block email accounts and view their activity log.


Overall, I believe that Kidsemail.org covered every angle of protection for your children while they are using their very own email address. It really does give parents some peace of mind knowing that their children are protected and can be monitored each day without them being aware of it.

This email service allows your children to be productive and learn how to carefully access emails, send to friends and family and still feel just important as mom and dad.

It’s a great service to have and you can try it for FREE!

To learn more about Kids Email (dot) Org, please visit them on their website.

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  • Sage

    I work in children's online media and I thought I was pretty on top of what services are available in this niche, but this is a new one for me. Thanks for the info!
  • Amanda

    It's not surprising that kids are wanting e-mail addresses nowadays. I will be happy to only give my kids access to an e-mail address assigned by the school for as long as possible...it worked for me as a kid!
  • Liz Leiro

    I think this is a really neat website. As a Communication Studies grad I know that it's super important to be and raise smart media consumers. This seems like a nice way to get kids started :)
  • Esther of Local Adventurer

    we were actually just talking about this with one of our friends whether it was okay for their kids to have an instagram account. it's really hard to filter what is out there. also, youtube just launched a kids app that will only show kid friendly channels and accounts. :) if your kids love youtube, you should check that out.
  • Joanne T Ferguson

    A very well written article I enjoyed reading today and always enjoy learning something new when it comes to internet safety!
  • Liz Mays

    This would take a lot of the fear out of it for me. All those safeguards are such a good thing. There is a lot of bad stuff that makes it into an average email account. Love this option.
  • Coolchillmom

    With such a connected world there is nothing stopping littles one from their accounts. Great suggestion to look into
  • Reginia Cordell

    I think I will be such a mama bear mother and would definitely want access to what my child viewed on the computer. The options for this would be critical for setting up an account. Internet safety is so important.
  • Rebecca Swenor

    It is awesome that there is a save place where parents can setup an email account for the kids. This is a great way for the kids to communicate with friends and family without having to worry about what they are receiving etc. I will have to share this with my niece who has young kids. Thanks for sharing.
  • Fi Ni Neachtain

    I got my first email address when I was 11 through school and it's still the one I use today! I love that there are safe, kid friendly email address and servers like this available these days. The templates are too cute for kids too! :)
  • Mercedes

    This is an interesting concept. It's nice to know there is something safe for parents wanting to let there kids have access to email.
  • Camesha | Mama Motivator

    That's awesome! It sounds like something definitely worth checking out. It's almost impossible to keep kids from being online. I'm all for anything that makes it a safe experience.

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