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When Traveling Takes Your Breath Away + 3 Tips

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Have you ever travel to a place that takes your breath away? I certainly have and when it happens you’ll definitely know it. You get blown away with the charm and beauty that comes with traveling.  Whether you’re seeking out the best destinations for couples, singles or with families, planning a vacation does take some research.

I know when I plan a vacation for my family and I, we all feel the same excitement brewing and can not wait to start packing for our destination.

What destination takes your breath away? Do you like to travel to the mountains or do you favor sticking your sandy feet in the ocean? For me, it’s the ocean. Just thinking about all the wonderful memories on our last family vacation makes my heart happy. If anything, you can always find me soaking up the sun in a tropical paradise. That’s what takes my breath away. Nothing but pure relaxation with a cold and refreshing beverage in my hand. What’s not to love about that? Leaving the stress of every day life behind you is what I need in a vacation.

There is many if not trillions of bucket list destinations just waiting for me to explore. Being from Florida we have seen many of sites that this sunshine state has to offer. Now don’t get me wrong, millions of visitors flock to Florida every year to vacation but for those Floridians like myself, we seek change. Whether it’s taking a cruise or taking a quick flight to another tropical destination, a change in the scenery is exactly what is needed.

Here are three traveling tips that are helpful to those who are thinking about vacationing.


Tip 1

Pick a destination that works for you. 

When your traveling with family here are a few things to look at. Are you looking for an all-inclusive resort during your stay? I know for myself and my husband will agree, traveling with our children becomes costly. Honestly, there is not much you can do about it. Food is clearly a large expense when traveling with children. In fact, there has been many trips that we have taken as a family and the cost of our meals during the duration of our trip was unbelieveable! I remember during one vacation the food budget was just as high as the cost of our stay. So when your planning, choose a destination that’s all-inclusive. -And when I mean all-inclusive I’m not only talking about food, I’m also talking about beverages, hotel amenities and activities, gratuities, hotel parking, transfers, and more. Ger the most out of your destination and budget.

Tip 2

Choose a destination that is family friendly.

Ok, you just landed in a foreign place that you’ve never been. Now what? I know those family friendly resorts scare the singles or newlyweds away but believe me, I always feel safer at a hotel that welcomes all. Now don’t get me wrong, couple retreats are a heaven sent when time is needed away from the kids but remember, family friendly resorts doesn’t mean that the place will be run down with children, it only means it will be suitable for all. -And many times, resorts that are family friendly will still have an adult retreat for you to lounge at your leisure.


Tip 3 

Discover a destination that caters to your dreams and lifestyle. 

I know that you might be thinking? How can I afford my dream vacation? My lifestyle doesn’t allow me to discover a new vacation destination. Believe me, you’re not the only one that has doubts. Saving for a vacation can be hard but that doesn’t say it can not be done. Because it can. Traveling doesn’t mean you have to be wealthy to do it. It becomes a reality when you make every effort. Trust me when I say, many of us have a different price range in mind when we consider traveling. So set a time frame and a savings amount and before you know it, you’ll be on your way and closer to your vacation.



When you travel, does it take your breath away?


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