When do you let go? My thoughts for Parents with Children Traveling Alone

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Traveling tips for parents with children


When do you let go? My thoughts for parents with Children Traveling Alone and with friends. It’s never easy and is extremely hard for parents to prepare yourself to let go when it comes to your own children. Honestly, it doesn’t matter what their age is either. About two months ago my son approached me and asked if he could go on a vacation with his friends. Yes, without me. At first, I looked at him and immediately thought to myself , is he ready to venture away from home and do this alone. Being only a few months shy of his 21st birthday, how could I say no. He continues to excel and work hard in college, works a part time job and takes care of his responsibilities like paying each month for his car note. In my eyes, he is a great young man who is responsible or tries like hell to be. So telling him no and that I don’t approve would be wrong of me. It was not an option. Even though I still wanted to be his protector, his eyes and ears, it was really time for me to let him go.

I remember being his age and traveling everywhere with my friends. I never left the U.S. but I surely traveled to different states. I was never home and didn’t listen to my parents advice. I did my own thing. My son Josh is the total opposite. Thank goodness he still asks for my permission and let’s me know who he is out with and where he is going. As his mom, I can not be more proud that he still continues to do this. He realises how much I appreciate it. So it didn’t surprise me when he asked about vacationing with his friends and taking a cruise to a Caribbean destination.

I think most parents will agree when I say, traveling to a unfamiliar place or outside the U.S. becomes worrisome and having your child do it alone or without you being there becomes even more stressful. But like I said earlier, it doesn’t matter what their age is, it’s still hard to let go and protect them. Also, the thoughts of him being ready and accepting it was a reality check for me. It was hard for me to say goodbye to one of my oldest sons but I know in my heart that I made the right decision and that he will have a great time making new memories of his own and safe travels

Do you have older children that will be traveling without you soon? Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Tip one

Are they traveling outside the U.S.?

If they have plans of traveling outside the U.S. then it’s a must for them to have a current passport. The U.S. passport requirements change frequently so it’s best to keep yourself informed and up to date with new regulations and requirements.

Tip two

Help your child pack their suitcase correctly. No matter if it’s a short or long trip, these tips are very important.

If your traveling to your destination by plane, confirm with them if they plan on checking a bag with the airline or taking it on board your flight. This tip is crucial since many airlines charge for a checked luggage bag and TSA requires that any liquids over 2.5oz not be placed in your carrying on bag. Please keep that in mind. Believe it or not, if you pack a full-size shampoo bottle or any product in a large quantee that is liquid, TSA will go through your bag and remove it. This issue also causes a delay and perhaps a interruption in making it to your gate in time.

Tip Three  

Packing for a tropical destination out of the U.S. can be confusing on what to bring or pack. I know many of the times,  I over pack and I really shouldn’t because let’s face it, it’s a tropical destination and we know that we need to pack our bathing suits or shorts, and sunscreen but do you know what else is important to pack? Bug Spray. I know it might be the last thing on your mind but trust me, you don’t want to leave home without it. -Plus the average cost for bug spray is ridiculous when you need to purchase it while vacation. Trust me, those sand fleas will bite your ankles while you’re walking on the beach. Be prepared!



When do you let go



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