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What Makes Us Happy Inside is Feeling Good in The Morning!

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This post is sponsored by Happy Inside™. All comments and opinions are my own.

In my household, it’s important to me that my family starts each morning happy and feeling great about what’s ahead for them. Starting their day with a good breakfast brings out all the smiles and, happiness. It just fills my heart with love seeing them so happy and content.

Breakfast cereal has come a long way in my opinion, it’s amazing for me to witness my kids finally enjoying a bowl of cereal once again. They say the little things make a world of difference and in this case, I totally agree. This positive change to my family’s digestive wellness has made a world of a difference. You’ll be amazed to learn how fast things can change for someone who suffers from digestive issues.

Breakfast is crucial and sometimes my mornings are hectic. I needed to find a breakfast solution that was quick and easy for hectic mornings that still helped us with digestive wellness. I found exactly what was missing in our mornings, it was from the NEW to Publix Kellogg’s ®. Happy Inside™ cereal. Have you tried their new cereal yet?

Happy Inside cereal is made with real ingredients and has the Power of 3-in-1: prebiotics, probiotics, and fiber. It’s a great combination of ingredients when you need support for digestive and overall wellness. I will say it not only can help with your overall wellness but gives a delicious cereal option for those looking for breakfasts that aid in digestive health!

My family and I love eating cereal. It’s a meal that we can enjoy during breakfast or at night for a quick dinner. But as you know, not all cereals are created equally. We need breakfast foods that will fuel our bodies on those cloudy mornings and energize our days.

We finally found a delicious cereal that offers real ingredients like wholesome fruit, yogurt pieces, and specially selected whole grains.

I’m not going to tell a tale, my family also loves eating it right from the bag. Is that wrong? Happy Inside cereal is an amazing snack for on-the-go too!

When it comes to certain meals of the day, especially breakfast, my family counts on foods that will make them feel good and happy. Especially foods that will fuel your soul and benefit your quality of life. I’m all for it!

Being that both my children and husband suffer from digestive issues, it’s my duty to make sure the foods they consume are making a positive change to their digestion wellness. I also believe it makes us all happy knowing that we can still enrich our wellness with foods that we love without sacrificing the taste.

The benefits of eating Happy Inside cereal comes from the powerful ingredient of its 3-in-1 melody. Prebiotics, probiotics, and fiber. Each ingredient plays an important part of nutrition for this delicious breakfast food. It’s like your insides are saying “Hi, thank you for making me happy.”


Kellogg’s Happy Inside cereal is available in three flavors.: Simply Strawberry, Bold Blueberry and Coconut Crunch. Our favorite is Simply Strawberry! I found my bag of Simply Strawberry right in the cereal aisle at my local Publix store.

Stop by your local Publix store from 3/2/19 – 3/15/19, and click here so you can save on the new Happy Inside cereal.











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