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Want the best dining experience in Mexico? Hotel Marina El CID Spa and Beach Resort

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The best dining experience in Mexico

What’s the best part of vacationing? – The food. Oh yes and if want the best dining experience in Mexico, then I know exactly where you should go. Whether you enjoy gourmet dining, tasting authentic cuisines for the first time or just content with comfort foods at the buffet, Hotel Marina El CID Spa and Beach Resort has it all!

Just recently, I shared with you my thoughts of why Hotel Marina El CID Spa and Beach Resort was my number one choice for family travel destinations in Mexico and today, I’ll be sharing the delicious foods and my dining experience while visiting this pristine Caribbean resort.

The best dining experience in Mexico Hotel Marina El CID Spa and Beach Resort


With five amazing on-site restaurants to choose from and one being a buffet,  you have plenty of choices when it comes to dining.  Our mornings started with a tasty buffet breakfast at  Trattoria D’Gulio Cucina Italian restaurant. No reservations are required when dining in for breakfast although they are required for dinner.

Trattoria D’Gulio Cucina Italian offers array of modern elegance decor once you walk in. You’ll find both the table and booth seating comfortable and roomy enough for a large family.

 The best dining experience in Mexico Trattoria D'Gulio Cucina Italian

 The best dining experience in Mexico Trattoria D'Gulio Cucina Italian


When it came to eating breakfast at Trattoria D’Gulio Cucina Italian, my family and I absolutely loved it. I mean, loved it! We enjoyed it so much that this restaurant was our top choice. Why you ask? Because it’s the best dining experience in Mexico. There were many food stations to feast from. In which was wonderful for my families taste. It was unbelievable on how many selections were hot and available for us to eat.

From fresh fruits, a variety of breads, muffins, danish, freshly made donuts, yogurts, a fresh juice bar, champagne, scramble eggs, bacon, sausages, potatoes, pancakes, churros and we’re just getting started.  You guys, you can even make your own smoothie bowls. There are so many wonderful choices that no one should leave hungry.


The best dining experience in Mexico



What I loved was Personalizing my made to order egg omelet every morning. Trust me, I knew exactly what I wanted and all the fixings were there within arms reach. Load it up and bring it on because breakfast foods are an important part of your daily meals while on vacation.




There are two restaurants at Hotel Marina El CID Spa and Beach Resort that are open to serve lunch. One being La Alhambra which is located in the main lobby and the other is Hacienda Arrecife located by the main pool. 

Hacienda Arrecife offers casual dining and dinner reservations are required. With over 100 tequilas to choose from, you’ll find this dining establishment a perfect spot to grab a frozen cocktail and a bite to eat. We spent most afternoons enjoying lunch here as it was conveniently close to the beach and main pool area.

The best dining experience in Mexico

We loved the food at Hacienda Arrecife. I’ll admit, I couldn’t wait to taste authentic Mexican food while visiting Mexico. So you know that I had to check it off my list and start with freshly made tortilla chips, salsa, and guacamole. Ahh, it was so good.  It wasn’t just me but my whole family thought the food was pretty amazing.

There were many buffet selections to choose from at Hacienda Arrecife during lunch. One of the stations that we enjoyed was the salad bar. You’re also able to have made to order grilled chicken or steak which we also loved.  Perfect when you want to have a light lunch with some extra protein then head back to the pool.


La Alhambra is an excellent dining experience for families with picky eaters. It’s one of the restaurants that we continuously visited since they offer a special daily theme dining buffet menu. During our stay we got a chance to indulge in a pasta bar like no other. My daughter loves pasta especially with alfredo sauce so this was a huge plus for us to see. Another night was a tex-mex night that included fajitas with grilled chicken. It was so yummy!


The best dining experience in Mexico



In addition to these three wonderful dining restaurants, Hotel Marina El CID Spa and Beach Resort has two more restaurants that unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to dine in.

One being La Marina and the other, El Alcazar. We had made dinner reservations for La Marina for the last night before we departed the resort but because of our very early morning flight, we chose to have dinner early at the buffet so we could enjoy the last few hours looking out to the ocean.

La Marina and El Alcazar are both open for dinner only and reservations are needed.


The best dining experience in Mexico



Would I return to Hotel Marina El CID Spa and Beach Resort for the best dining experience in Mexico? Absolutely, we would. My family and I thought that the food was excellent and with the wide selections and varieties to choose from, they’re the best choice for an all-inclusive resort vacation.


Looking for more information about El Cid  Resorts and how you can vacation at one of their six resorts in Mexico? Visit their website.

You can stay connected with El CID Resorts on








Disclosure: I’d like to thank El CID Hotel Marina El CID Spa and Beach Resort for inviting and hosting my stay with them.

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