Unforgettable Travel Experiences
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Unforgettable Travel Experiences in Canada

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Unforgettable Travel Experiences begins with friends, family, and togetherness. Finding accommodations that meets the needs of each traveler is important. Find out what matters the most.

Unforgettable Travel Experiences

Have you ever traveled to a destination and woke up the next day and said to yourself, “Why did I wait so long to come”? I have and some of those times, I was traveling alone and with my family. Traveling to new destinations can bring you a abundance of unforgettable travel experiences. Learning as we go is what most of us do. From hearing personal travel experiences from others like family members, friends or online reviews, can really impact your vacation or travel plans in some way or another.

I believe that we take for granted how beautiful a new adventure will be until we actually arrived to our own destination and view it for ourselves. It still amazes me looking back at photographs from my family’s last trip to Mexico and how excited we all were. My family and I love traveling to tropical destinations. I think the warm temperatures and turquoise ocean water is what helps the deciding factor but we’re now looking forward to visiting Canada very soon. It’s been on our bucket wish list for a long time.

With a large family size like mine, choosing lodging can get stressful. There have been times when I was traveling with my family that I couldn’t find a spacious room  or even a suite that would accommodate my family size.  -And of course, the results were, my family being separate in hotel rooms. For me, I find no joy it that. Not only does the cost of the accommodation rise but now I need two rooms instead of one. Sound familiar?

So after doing some research online, I found cabin rentals in Canada, I’m so excited to find exactly what we need, a Canada Villa. When traveling with family, you want accommodations that will fit your needs. Such as, enough room for family and pets if you’re traveling with them. When choosing a hotel room or a vacation rental such as villas, my first concern is space. Some of questions that come into mind are” How many bedrooms are they”? or “Will it sleep six people”?  Even although we don’t spend too much time lounging around during our vacation, it’s still good to know that there is enough space in the common-areas such as bathrooms, the kitchen, and living room. I’ve stayed in vacation villas before and I absolutely love it. Not only are they spacious but it’s like being at home. They usually come fully-stocked with all the essentials of home. Including a washer and dryer. Yes, not everyone wants to do laundry while on vacation but it’s a great feature to have when you need it. But what separates a hotel room from a luxury villa or vacation home in Canada is the breathtaking panoramic views of the mountains and landscapes. It’s just amazing to be so close to nature while enjoying tranquility from your rented private vacation home.

Do you travel with extended family members? You’ll be happy to know that vacation villas can also accommodate large groups such as two or three families. That’s right, planning a vacation with 12- 15 people has never been this easy and reasonable priced too! Sharing the responsibility of the rental cost between multiple families is great and makes vacationing more affordable.

Unforgettable Travel Experiences

Canada is a beautiful country to visit year round. There are plenty of things to do such as sightseeing, shopping, and dining.  During the spring and summer months, take your adventure outdoors and visit a nearby lake. Take a hike while visiting one of their national parks, or visit a nearby beautiful waterfall. Day trips are always fun and family friendly. You can also visit one of Canada’s near by cities, or stroll down the river while kayaking.

And of course, if you’re traveling to Canada during Maple Season, it’s a must for you to visit Tremblant for a maple-infused meal.

Taking a winter vacations in Canada? It’s a wonderland for skiers. It’s not called snowy paradise for nothing! In fact, it’s claim to be the world’s best skiing for many reasons. Mont-Tremblant has the highest views and peaks of the snow capped mountains. With 96 trails, and an average of 156 inches of snow yearly, this village makes a great destination to visit.

Unforgettable Travel Experiences

If Skiing or sliding down the slopes is not your thing, I can’t think of a better way to end your day in Canada then to wrap yourself up in a blanket while sitting by a cozy fireplace in your vacation rental home or villa.

There are truly more unforgettable travel experiences in Canada then what I just shared with you. Want to learn more? Let’s talk; scenery and nature.

Canada has an abundance of both. From National Parks like Lake Louise in Baniff, to the beautiful Algonquin Provincial Park.

Vancouver, British Columbia is surrounded by mountains and is a perfect location to explore surrounding tourist areas like, Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. Another way to take on nature is taking a whale watch boat tour. Experience the thrill of watching killer whales and other marine life up-close and personal. Did I forget to mention that Vancouver, British Columbia is one of the top spots for fishing? From charter fishing trips to winter festivals in Montréal. Your choices are endless and broad.

You’ll find wonderful museums and learn so much about the culture that lives across this wonderful country. Canada has so much to offer tourists.

One last thing, can you imagine waking up from your slumber and walking outside of your rented cabin retreat and viewing a postcard picture perfect 360 degree view of unspoiled land and snow peaked mountains? What an Unforgettable Travel Experience it would be!




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