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Top Must Have Sports Parent Essentials

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of BODYARMOR for my participation with the BlogginMamas campaign.



When it comes to sport parent essentials do you pack what is important? I know for myself and my family, water just doesn’t cut it anymore. As a sports mom, I’ve tried just about everything including homemade hydration drinks and nothing really has that natural flavor that I’m looking for.  Being from Florida and as most sports are played outdoors here, it’s so important that children and even adults stay hydrated. Playing sports year round but especially in the Summer, parents need to make sure and take note of the intake of liquids. We lose electrolytes as we run, play or even walk so making sure your family has enough fluid intake before, during and after a sports game is crucial. -And you can not forget during practice. That time frame is just important. That is one of the reasons why my family has made the switch to BODYARMOR.

BODYARMOR has more electrolytes than other sports drinks on the market. They contain no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. It’s blended with coconut water and vitamins, this sports drink is also low in sodium but high in potassium. It will leave you hydrated and your body will feel replenished and energized.


That is another reason why you’ve seen so many professional athletics, coaches, and now parents endorsing  BODYARMOR Premium sport drinks over all other sport drink brands. It’s one the most important things to do when your an athlete.


make the switch to BODYARMOR

Making the Switch:

Being a mom of 4 highly active children who love playing sports, it’s my utmost duty as a parent to keep my children hydrated. Our Florida sun is powerful year round and when the hot sun is beating down on you especially when you’re at the park practicing for that next sports game. My children could be there for at least 3 hours practicing before the game even starts. So you can only imagine how hot you can get running up and down that field or even basketball court. That is when they really need to have a cold BODYARMOR natural flavored drink that increases potassium while it replenishes their thirst.


What’s great about a six pack of BODYARMOR is that you can just grab the carton and go. This makes it easier to carry your bottles or toss them into a cooler to chill. Having a few extras on hand is always a good thing to have especially when you have more than one game that day.

BODYARMOR is not only great for athletics, but it’s a great choice for runners and those who love to exercise.

Each of my children plays sports year round. My daughter is involved in cheerleading, dance, and gymnastics. While my sons play football, soccer, baseball, and basketball. So we’re pretty busy in all seasons. Between after school sports or running around with their friends, BODYARMOR is an excellent source to stay hydrated.

Each bottle of BODYARMOR contains:

  • Electrolytes: Potassium 600mg
  • Coconut Water
  • Vitamins: 200% RDI of B3, B5, B6, B9, B12
  • 100% RDI Antioxidants of Vitamin A, C & E
  • Natural Flavors & Sweeteners
  • No Caffeine
  • No Preservatives
  • Free of Nuts
  • Free of Gluten


Overall, My family enjoys drinking BODYARMOR Super Drinks. I honestly can’t keep them stored in my home long enough. My kids are constantly taking a few bottles at a time. Even my husband who works outside for a living takes a few to work with him. So no matter what your day brings, drinking your favorite flavor of BODYARMOR will keep you hydrated.

As a mom, I really love how BODYARMOR is gluten-free. Having a drink that has natural flavors & sweeteners and contains no caffeine, makes me so happy to offer these sports drinks to my family. Not only does it help replenish the water loss, vitamins, and electrolytes that you lose when your exercising, walking, playing sports and even when your job requires outdoor labor but they’re available in large selection of flavors that you will love. They truly do satisfy and quench your thirst.

It’s time for you to upgrade your sports drink today. Save now by using this coupon here.


For more information about BODYARMOR and the variety of flavors offered, please visit them on their website.


You can find BODYARMOR available at your local Publix grocery store or Target retail store. Both places where I love to shop.

Stay connected with BODYARMOR on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.


So tell me, what do you do to keep yourselves hydrated in the Summer?

Would love to learn what BODYARMOR flavor would you like to try!





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