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Have you ever experienced running out of something when you needed it the most? I certainly can relate. It was just the other day when I asked my sons to cut the grass. Five minutes into walking the mower and yup it ran out of gas. Just my luck! They finally had the time to help me and now this happens. Have you ever ran out of something and had to make a mad dash to the store? Yup me too! Not a good feeling specially if it’s something you need right away. Thankfully, I called my husband and he was able to bring some home before it started raining.

Another thing that you don’t want to run out of is bath tissue. In my household, one would think that you would never run out specially when your home has five bathrooms. Totally not the case here.  One thing is for sure, you can never have enough rolls of toilet paper handy. Well atleast that’s what I thought. With five bathrooms to choose from, my children pretty much have a bathroom of their own to use but I’m still not sure what the big deal is about them using my master bathroom.  It took me some time to figure out why but I will say, they found my hidden stash of Scott’s Bath Tissue.

You see, each week I’ll place three rolls of bath tissue in all of the bathrooms. Figuring that’s plenty since the kids and my husband are not home for the most part during the day. So basically it’s just me and my dog Chloe. -And I am pretty sure my dog is not doing her business and needing a roll. (Ha-Ha) I’m telling ya, I always scratch my head and say how much toilet paper do these kids use? Please tell me that I am not the only one here that does through this. Do your kids doing the same thing? At one point, I thought the rolls might of fell into the toilet because it’s happened before but 3 rolls gone within only 2 days. Goodness me!

That’s why I turned to the Sam’s Club and became a member. Not only do they offer the brand Scott in bulk but they offer Scott’s 1000 Bonus Packs too. Oh yea,  you get 100 bonus sheets per roll for free. Can’t beat that!



Have you ever shopped at a Sam’s Club before? I just recently signed up to be a member because I truly believe buying in bulk does help me save for my large size family. Having six of us plus a dog, cat and fish (H) helps me save at Sam’s Club on many household and pantry items.


sam club _edited

I will say, when walking into my local Sam’s Club I’m always greeted and thanked for stopping by. I really like that feeling of walking into a business and being acknowledge.  The greeter has always been so kind of asking for my membership card or if I have any questions about their members benefits. I think it’s so helpful to have them there.


Did you know that Scott’s Bath Tissue is safe for septic tanks too? Oh yes it is! I am so happy about that. No more worrying if my children used more than they should or if the toilet will clog if they do. It’s safe for all systems.  In the Scott’s 1000 Bonus Packs, you will get 36 rolls per pack so it’s like getting three extra rolls for free. Now that’s pretty amazing!


Thinking about becoming a Sam’s Club Member?

Click here to get your membership started.

Download the Free Ibotta App and save $5 off Scott’s 1000 Bonus Pack at your local Sam’s Club

So tell me, what was the last thing you needed something extra of?

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  • Alli

    I love my Sam's Club for stocking up on toilet tissue. Sometimes I ask my kids if they eat it or something because it goes so fast at my house. :)
  • Angelic Sinova

    I definitely agree that there's never to much room for more paper towels (especially when you have a puppy in the house!) I love scott paper towels <3
  • Chelsee

    Oh gosh I bet the extra 100 comes in handy lol Next time I out an about I will pick this up. You can never have enough toilet paper in the house!
  • Julie Beveridge

    I did not know that Sam's Club carried Scott, I am going to have to get over there and pick some up, it seems to disappear around here very quickly as well. Maybe the dog is eating it? LOL!
  • Debbie

    I do like to stock up with n toilet paper. I keep several rolls in a decorative basket, so I know when I start to use those it's time to buy more!
  • Rachel Ferrucci

    I always get my Scotts at Sam's Club and the best part is I can use coupons so I get even a better deal than their already low price. My mouth dropped at 5 bathrooms, I hope you have a house cleaner
  • Felicita Moncada

    I have a Sam's Membership and always get my toilet paper and paper towels from there. You get so much bang for your buck! My kids tend to use way more paper than they need so i always stock up on Scott!
  • Stephanie of The TipToe Fairy

    Scott has been my brand of toilet paper for years. It lasts forever and never clogs! I had no idea I could buy a big pack at Sam's. Definitely do that next time I'm there.
  • Michelle

    I love Scott Tissue and it's always been my toilet paper of choice as it lasts so much longer. I miss my Sam's membership and will need to rejoin to take advantage of this deal.
  • Travel Blogger

    Running out of bath tissue is NOT an option, especially when you're pregnant. I monitor our supply very closely these days lol.

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