Three ways to be Caregiver ready

Three ways to be caregiver ready

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Do you plan on caring for a disabled family member or an elderly parent soon? If so, here are three ways to be caregiver ready.


Three ways to be Caregiver ready

When we think about taking care of the most important people in our lives, we do it without hesitation. Many caregivers go through a variety of assessments and initial long term goals to help assist in caring for their loved ones. Evenly although you feel comfortable in your caregiver duties, it still takes pre-action precautions and limitation awareness, when caring for another person. Most of us already recognize that becoming a caretaker is equal to a full-time job. Not only does it take compassion to maintain a caregiver’s position but it can be self rewarding when you do.

Becoming a caregiver makes it easier for the person that you’re caring for. Let’s face it, they truly need your help at this point in their lives. Not only can they count on you for numerous things that are too difficult for them to do alone or without some assistance. Such as help in transportation. Taking them back and forth to their doctors appointments can be a big help when they’re not able to use their own transportation or no longer can.  Being an supporter that is caregiver ready will help bring encouragement and with physical care support.

Being caregiver ready takes planning and monitoring of loved ones progress. Such as acknowledging simple signs that may lean to visiting their doctor.

Tailoring to their needs and becoming an advocate for their daily care routine are only a few ways to be caregiver ready.


The words, “Hold my hand”, I will help you is heartfelt to someone that is in the need of help. Before my mother became ill with cancer, she was “peppy” and mobile but most importantly, was independent. She didn’t need help or guidance from me or my family members before her cancer was known. But when we found out that she had stage 4 cancer, we knew that the end result would be devastating and there would be no way for her to take care of herself alone.

Losing her independence and the willing to self advocate or implement self-care is something that happened very quickly as her health was declining.

One of my heartbroken moments is when my mother started to lose control of her bladder and not be able to use the restroom alone. I will admit, as her daughter who already experiences bladder leakage, I tried to make her feel comfortable and laugh by saying a few humorous jokes. But in reality, the worst was yet to come.

My sisters spoke fondly about a program that they had learned about from a mutual friend. It’s called The Caregiver program at Sam’s Club. Have you heard of it?

three ways to be caregiver ready

The caregiver program is the best destination for caregivers and here is why. Not only do you have access to essentials online but your orders are discreet. When I first heard about discreet orders, it made my heart “gleam” with joy. In my opinion, it’s hard enough for the elderly or disabled so to eliminate any embarrassment or privacy concerns, this gets a “gold” star in my book. -And not only that, you can receive free shipping on selected items from select locations.

Another great benefit from being apart of the Caregiver program is the ability to order online and look for the items that are marked “Club Pick up” this allows the caregiver to order the items needed then head over to your local Sam’s Club for pick up. This is a great solution when you don’t want to wait and be away from the person that you’re taking care of too long. Also, if you haven’t tried the new Sam’s Scan and Go App, now is the perfect time.

Caregivers, just download the app, scan your items on the barcode in-store with the item scanner, pay fast on your app, head to the exit greeter and show your digital recipe. Now that’s saving time!



One more thing, the Caregiver program at Sam’s Club offers discreet items for bladder control like, Poise Pads or Liners. You can find other items such as Ensure® Plus Nutrition Shake, Depend Fit-Flex Underwear along with other personal care products and medical essentials.

Preparing yourself as a caregiver has never been this easy. I’m so glad that I found the Sam’s Club Caregiver program. It makes life easier when you’re able to still provide the best care while shopping for healthcare essentials and products. If you’re not a Sam’s Club member yet, please consider it.

Even although I suggested three ways to be caregiver ready, take a moment and check out this fantastic program for yourself and read how the Sam’s Club Caregiver program can be used as an online resource to help support you and the person that you’re caring for.

Visit Sam’s Club for more information about this great resource for caregivers.



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