Thinking of Planting in October? You bet!

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Here in Florida, we have the ability to plant most fruits and vegetables every round. But even in October? You bet!



What’s so special about planting in October anyhow? Can it be done?  And how can planting in Florida be any different from other states?  Well, growing vegetables in Florida depends on the soil, and which region of your county that you live in. I’m located in Central Florida so growing vegetables here might be different in other areas of Florida.  Being new to gardening, it does take some trial and error. When it comes to finding information about gardening in Florida, I found tons of great information on the University of Flordia’s website and from related sites like Florida’s Department of Agriculture.

Agriculture in Florida is significant. There was a recent study that shows Florida’s agriculture, food industries, and natural resources adds billions of dollars to our state’s economy each year.

Well what kind of vegetables can you grow and what’s the best time to grow them? I’ve found this handy-dandy guide that’s been helpful thus far.



For the most part, I’ve stayed with planting more vegetables and herb. Although, it’s mainly because I find it easier and see results faster. Watching and waiting for my tangerine and a lemon tree to bud has been a long process. Have you ever tried replanting seeds directly from a fruit? I recently tried to replant mango seeds and so far so good. It’s growing faster than I have expected.

Harvesting comes with some patience. So take your time figuring what works best in your area. Transplanting vegetables takes care. Keeping it watered and frequently, allows your fruits and vegetables to nourish and grow. Summertime can be a struggle of growing vegetables here in Florida. It certainly can come with some failures. But over time, you’ll see what works for you. I know that much is true. A back yard garden can be so rewarding. Not only does it fill your fridge with a ton of food, but it’s something that you can admire.

If your plan is to start planting seeds indoors, then now is the perfect time to do so. Most likely you’ll need some seed trays, seed-start soil, and seeds. Planning on planting outdoors? Peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers do better in the heat.

One more tip that I loved to share with you about carrots. Purchase store-bought carrots and chop off an inch and a half at the end of the root (taproot). Place them inside, standing up in the water. Refresh the water every two days or so and watch the carrots grow their roots back. It took less than five days to notice reseeding and notice white roots underneath. Fill a planter with potting soil to within 1 inch of the top. Plant the carrot tops in the soil when the roots are about 1 inch long. Dig a hole in the soil and plant the top so that it barely sticks up from the soil. Pat down the soil and keep well watered.

Thank you for stopping by. If you have any ideas or gardening tips on planting in October? I’d love to hear about them.


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