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Leap Frog

Full disclosure:

I received samples Leap Frog products in order to host my Leap Frog Mommy Party. All opinions are 100% my own.


Leap Frog offers a wide selection of educational toys. In fact, over the years we’ve had an assortment of their fun interacting learning toys for all of my children.

When I found that I was was given the opportunity to work with them on their Ready, Set, Read and Write Mommy Party I was thrilled beyond belief.

To start our party off right we made some Frog Juice and Write Bites! The recipe that was given to me by Leap Frog and was so easy for the kids to help make.

The Frog Juice was not bad at all but the Write Bites were a sure hit!

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One of things that I admire about Leap Frog is their continuous effort to keep the products that they offer  current with the times. That is why this year Leap Frog is introducing a new LeapReader Reading and Writing System.  This system has over 150 plus books, workbooks and audio books to help children learn more about sounds, writing letters, read stories and so much more.


What moms look for in electronic learning tools is a product that requires no batteries. Buying batteries continuously is so expensive. Which makes it harder for the kids to keep using those products. This reading and writing system has a USB rechargeable battery that you can charge right from your home computer. No batteries are needed!  It’s simple and easy.

The Read, Write, Listen book included is great for sounding out words, reading sentences, tracing letters and listening to the stories.

I was also sent several additional books and accessories for my mommy party.

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I think the kids were crazy over the Monster University 3D interactive book and 3D glasses. They could hardly wait to try on the glasses and see all the wonderful 3d pages. LeapReader is such a amazing tool that kids didn’t even realizing that they were learning compensation and practicing their reading skills. It was fun for them. I actually thought it was unbelievable that the glasses really did work that great. For 3D glasses made from paper they were spot on.

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Another thing that really caught my eye was how the children really enjoyed the Interactive Talking Words Flash Cards. They loved putting two cards together to create a word or sounds. This actually teaches them short vowels, simple words and how to blend the sounds together.

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LeapFrog (LeapReader) encourages your children that learning to read and write through listening and responding through their actions will give them all the benefits that they need to become a successful learner. The LeapReader is available in pink, blue or green. It can also hold up to 40 books or 175 songs of playtime hours.

The kids couldn’t be more pleased with everything. A few of the children sat at my table and the others sat in a circle just rotating all the different books and activities.

It was quite amazing to see them all listening, being patient when taking their turns. LeapReader brought so much fun during the party and kids didn’t want it to end.

I can’t wait to purchase more activity sets for my children. As a mom, I love how Leap Frog has each activity age appropriate.  Makes it so much easier knowing that my daughter and son can actually complete each activity and is just right for them.

If your child needs some extra help with reading, writing or sounding out words this LeapReader will be great for them. I highly recommend it!

I give it four frogs up!

You can visit LeapFrog on their website to find more information about the LeapReader.

Feel free to follow them on facebook, twitter, youtube and pinterest.


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