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The Best Margherita Flatbread Pizza: Featuring Kitchen Crafted

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This post has been sponsored by Kitchen Crafted. All expressed opinions are my own.


Did you just say pizza? Oh yes, I did. My family can’t live without it. My children especially. If it was up to them, pizza would be on the menu every day of the week. I can’t say that I blame them, I’m kinda in love with it too. What’s not to love about it? Cheesy pizza that just melts right into your belly. Mmm, say no more! Plus, you can add any topping to your pizza and it would still taste pretty amazing. Don’t you agree?

-And the best part, pizza pleases everyone’s palate. I honestly don’t know of someone who doesn’t enjoy it.  Now here is a plus, serving pizza for dinner, lunch, or even as an appetizer while watching the big game on television has never let my gang down. You can get really creative and set up a pizza bar then let your guests prepare their own individual pizzas. Sounds like fun doesn’t it?

I think any Italian food in general makes my heart pretty happy these days. It’s so good wouldn’t you agree?  Now don’t get me wrong, there is not much that my family don’t like and wouldn’t try but they still love their traditional cheese pizza with tomato sauce. For me, I need change. I need flavor. I need a flatbread pizza.

You guys, eating the same ole classic round pizza gets boring so that is when I surprised my family with Margherita Flatbread Pizza. I really think that I’ve rebounded my love for pizza with this recipe. Not only is making flatbread pizza easier but it’s baked within 20 minutes. I’m totally sold on the taste. It’s amazing!

So when I partnered with Kitchen Crafted, I just knew that their Marinara Mia®, Tomato and Mayo spread would be perfect for my Margherita Flatbread Pizza. I wanted our pizza to have a bolder flavor that not only was healthier for my family in the new year, but is all-natural and gluten free.

-And, Kitchen Crafted SPRD® gave me just that.





Marinara Mia® has a smooth and creamy texture. Right away you can taste Kitchen Crafted all-natural 8 signature herbs and spices. The blend from fresh tomatoes and all natural mayo really gives this spread a new flavor for Italian foods. Do you know what really got me thinking? Marinara Mia would also taste great on pasta, in a layered Mexican dip or even spread on a turkey burger. There really are so many different ways that you could add Kitchen Crafted to your yummy recipes.

If your meals need some kick then I highly suggest Kitchen Crafted Creole Kicker®. Oh my goodness, it’s so good. Being a girl from down south, nothing pleases me more than spices that have some kick. Especially one that has a touch of mayo and mustard. Seriously, you will love it.



For my Margherita Flatbread Pizza recipe you will only need a few ingredients.

You will need:



For this recipe, I decided to pick up fresh pizza dough at my local grocery store. As you all know, if I can save time in the kitchen then I am all for it.

Start by preheating your oven to 325° degrees.

On a flat surface, sprinkle bread flour. If you don’t have bread flour handy no biggie, using all-purpose flour will work just great.

Take your pizza dough and place it on your flat surface. If your dough is semi-frozen then you might need to wait a few minutes before rolling the dough.

Flip your dough on both sides in the flour. Begin on one side and start rolling. Ideal, you want your dough to resemble a rectangle.

Once your dough is prepared, sprinkle flour on your baking sheet. Honestly, I used a cookie sheet and it worked out awesome. Take your dough and place it on your baking sheet.

With using a spoon, begin adding your Marinara Mia SPRD™.  Using the bottom of the spoon, spread your Kitchen Crafted- Marinara Mia SPRD™. Leaving about an inch around the dough.

Next, take your sliced Mozzarella Cheese and place at least five to six slices on top. Add your sliced tomatoes on top of your cheese.

Bake for 20-25 minutes or until your mozzarella cheese is melted. Remove from the oven, let your flatbread pizza cool for a few minutes then add fresh basil. You can use chopped or whole pieces of basil. So.. so.. good!


My recipe for Margherita Pizza wouldn’t of been tasty without the help of Marinara Mia SPRD®. It certainly did bring out the best Italian flavors. My family and I absolutely loved it. In fact,  I’ve made Kitchen Crafted SPRD® now a staple in my household.

The blends of all-natural ingredients along with eight signature herbs and spices complements any dish on the menu.



Serves 5-8

The Best Margherita Flatbread Pizza

Calling all pizza lovers, you're going to love my Margherita Flatbread Pizza with Kitchen Crafted Marinara Mia. It's so fresh and tasty!

20 minPrep Time

20 minCook Time

40 minTotal Time

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  • One 8oz fl jar of Kitchen Crafted- Marinara Mia
  • Pizza Dough
  • Fresh Mozzarella Cheese (Sliced)
  • Fresh Basil
  • Fresh Roma and Slicing Tomatoes


  1. Preheat oven to 325° degrees.
  2. On a flat surface, sprinkle bread flour or all-purpose flour.
  3. Flip your dough on both sides with flour. Begin on one side and start rolling.
  4. You want your pizza dough to resemble a rectangle shape.
  5. Start adding your Marinara Mia spread. Using the bottom of the spoon, spread your Kitchen Crafted- Marinara Mia. Leave an inch around the dough edges.
  6. Add sliced mozzarella cheese and sliced tomatoes.
  7. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until cheese is melted.
  8. Remove from oven and let cool for a few minutes.
  9. Top with whole or chopped basil.
  10. Enjoy!



The fun doesn’t stop here with my Margherita Flatbread Pizza. Did you know that you could use Marinara Mia® on french fries, hamburgers, dip it on onion rings, and even tortilla chips. You can add Kitchen Crafted to any meal or side dish. -And with the big game approaching Kitchen Crafted SPRD® would be the perfect addition to any football recipe or dip.



So just before you gather with friends before game day, make sure you stock up on Kitchen Crafted SPRD®.

Just look what I topped off my turkey burger with. Oh yea, Creole Kicker®. The possibilities are endless!





For more information about Kitchen Crafted SPRD® visit their website or join them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


So tell me, have you tried Marinara Mia® from Kitchen Crafted SPRD® before? 

What is your favorite style of Pizza? 




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