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Treat your furry friend to the best homestyle treats for dogs- Milo’s Kitchen. My favorite pup in the world, Chloe,  absolutely loves them. Come learn about these dog treats and find out why I think they’re the best even for older dogs.


This post has been sponsored by Milo’s Kitchen. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Milo’s Kitchen


Say hello to best dog in the world (at least I like to think so), Chloe. My Chloe girl!

Chloe is a purebred Beagle that we adopted from a breeder in Missouri when she was only 8 weeks old. As you can see,  I will always consider Chloe a family member and like one of my own children. She’s a sweet dog that loves being spoiled by belly rubs and her favorite treats from Milo’s Kitchen.


Milo's Kitchen


Being a dog owner, it’s important to give treats that healthy, use real ingredients and are totally free of artificial flavors or colors. -That is what you’ll find in the Milo’s Kitchen dog treats.

Milo’s Kitchen products are made with 100% chicken or beef as their #1 ingredient. Do you know what is even better? Milo’s Kitchen snacks not only look like jerky, sausage slices, and meatballs but they’re produced right here in the U.S. How amazing is that?

One of the many reasons why I purchase Milo’s Kitchen dog treats weekly from Walmart for Chloe is the home crafted style and real-premium ingredients.

During your next shopping trip to Walmart look for Milo’s Kitchen Homestyle Dog Treats in the dog food aisle. Chloe highly recommends their Chicken Meatball and Chicken &Apple Sausage Slices. She gives them both two paws up.

Milo's Kitchen


Over the past two years, Chloe has been dealing with some medical issues of her own. Some are long-term health concerns caused by aging and weight, others are results that a simple day at the groomers can cure.  One of the features that I admire about Milo’s Kitchen product packaging is feeding instructions. Being that Chloe needs to watch her weight, having these instructions handy allows me to know how many treats she can have daily.

But needless to say, the best way to end a stressful day for your pet is pampering them with the best treats that come from the kitchen, Milo’s Kitchen.




So tell me, do you have a dog that loves Milo’s Kitchen Homestyle Treats too? Would love to hear about it!



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