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“For 140 years, Foresters, an international financial services provider, has fulfilled its purpose to enhance family well-being for its members and the communities where they live. A fraternal benefit society, Foresters offers quality life insurance and investment products, unique member benefits and inspiring community activities. Foresters shares its financial strength with more than one million members in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit foresters.com”.

Over a year ago, Foresters launched a courageous initiative called Tech Timeout. It challenged families to take a daily scheduled break from their electronic devices. And in no way did it promise to be easy. But with the impact that the growing proliferation of digital devices is having on family togetherness, the stakes could not be higher.

They have asked families to literally take a pledge to disconnect their technology gadgets once a day for a week. At techtimeout.com they could sign the pledge, share it on their social media pages, and print it to be displayed in their home. They were also given tips on how to fill this downtime with low-tech activities – things like board games, volunteering, playing outdoors, or just talking to one another.

Will you take the Foresters Tech Timeout Challenge with me?


Let’s face it, we live in a high technology world. Most of us either have a television, cellphone, computers or a tablet. It seems like we just can’t get enough of the ease of connecting to our family or friends through the internet. I know for myself, I spend many late night hours blogging and communicating with my loved ones. It certainly does take up most of my time during the week.  I am most certainly that my readers will agree, we do miss out on other special moments that take place in our lives. In today’s world and as I have observed even in my own home, my older children, husband and I take our electronics everywhere we go. There has been plenty of times I’ve seen my sons texting at the dinner table and even when we are eating at one of favorite restaurants.  I do ask them to put their phones down or away but right after dinner I see them back at it again.

The convenience of having the ability to connect to friends or family in seconds is great although we truly get so memorized that we loose the track of time and most of all, we loose that family bonding time that we once shared. It’s almost like everything stops around us but yet we are so in tuned that we block everything else out.

Those family moments are what memories are built from. Can you imagine when your children get older then say to you, hey mom do you remember this or that when I was 8 years old and you don’t because you spent too much time online playing games, talking to friends and even blogging. As sad as it sounds, it’s true and it can happen.

That’s why I believe strongly in the TechTimeOut Challenge!



With Christmas coming next week, this would be the best way to regain that family time and enjoy those moments. It’s important to take back those lost moments and reconnect with your loved ones without picking up that electronic device.

For this challenge, you agree to avoid all technology for one hour each day and for the duration of one full week. Honestly, that is not asking for much but for others it can be hard to do.

Taking the Foresters Tech Timeout Challenge is very simple to do. In fact, all you need to do is add your name and join the already 7,700+ people that also made this commitment to time out technology. What I really liked seeing on their website was once I added my name others can view it too. Almost like a “proud” moment to be involved in such a great campaign.

Overall, I can’t wait for my family to start this challenge next week. We deserve some “us” time and so don’t you and your family!  Take advantage and share this information with your family and friends with the hopes that they will also pledge one hour each day for one week.

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