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With the cold weather finally here and the seasons changing, one of things that I have noticed is how fast my skin has changed. Typically, I have normal to dry skin but during the colder months and specially in winter, my skin can get pretty dry. I usually notice it more so when my skin gets uncontrollable itchy. I really do believe that the weather has something to do with it. You can use body soaps that contains moisturizer in it and still after a shower feel that your skin is dry. In the winter, the last thing you want is your skin chapped and so dry that it hurts. I know from my own past experience that is something that you do not want to endure.

Vaseline has been a staple brand in many households for generations. Their products promote healing and protecting your skin from all elements.

Recently, I had an opportunity to sample a few of the Intensive Care products that Vaseline offers and today I pleased to tell you all about my experience.


Vaseline Intensive Care lotion products not only will heal your dry skin, but gives back that deep moisturizer that you have been missing.  Two of my favorite choices from the Vaseline Intensive Care Collection is Aloe Soothe and Cocoa Radiant. As we all know, aloe works wonderful for healing your skin. Some of you might even have a aloe plant right in your home and you know exactly what I am talking about. It works effortlessly.

Nothing beats the feeling and comfort on your skin other than Aloe. Being outside in the winter time can certainly dry out your skin and so doesn’t the dry heat in your home. The Aloe Soothe lotion will calm and soothe your skin that may be dry or irritated. It absorbs right into your skin fast. It also doesn’t leave a non greasy feel either. The Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe lotion has a light fragrance that is not overwhelming and smells great on your body.

Another way for you to use aloe lotion is on sunburn irritation. Nothing feels more relief from a sunburn than aloe.


For the last few weeks, I’ve been placing  this lotion on my hands and  took the Rapid Renewal challenge myself. I couldn’t believe how instantly the lotion blended right into my skin. It’s almost like my skin was so thirsty for some hydrating. Not only that, my hands have never been so smoove.



So if your looking for a great value on Vaseline’s Intensive Care lotion products visit your local Family Dollar store. Take the Rapid Renewal Challenge for yourself today!


Readers, you can start feeling the difference in just 3 weeks!  Post a tweet sharing how your new Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion has healed your skin using #FDRapidRenewal, for a chance to win a $30 Family Dollar gift card. Be sure to print the coupon for $1.00 off your purchases.

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