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With Christmas only 20 days away, the rush is on. What do parents look for when purchasing the right present for their children? For me, choosing that perfect gift for my daughter is pretty important. Watching her run downstairs at 4am on Christmas morning might not be on your wish list as a parent but I just love hearing the excitement in her voice and seeing the happiness in her smile.

My daughter who is 6 years old still has an incredible imagination. She loves to play and pretend with her toys. As parents, we watch our children grow up so fast. Those tender moments seem to fly right by us. Don’t you agree? Creating memories during the Holiday season is something that I would rather do and choosing a gift that not only will my daughter play with but will admire as her favorite.

That is actually what I thought when I seen Our Generation Retro Doll named  Joy. I couldn’t help by staring at her eyes, hair and clothing. I just knew Joy would be her favorite.

Our Generation Dolls are unlike any other doll that I’ve seen. Each doll has a story to tell and with the help of Our Generation, their story is told.

At Our Generation, it’s not just about dolls. It’s about girls growing up together and facing challenges that many of us go through or understand. On the Our Generation website, girls can chat about topics that mean the world to them. Such as helping others that are less fortunate.

For the folks at Our Generation, it’s all about the quality in their dolls rather than prices. They find ways like using Eco-Friendly packaging to cut costs so every little girl has a chance to own one. How amazing is that?



Our Generation Dolls Joy


I’ll tell you, I’m just smitten over Joy. She is so pretty! From her fancy pink and black dress to her black headband in her red hair. She is gorgeous and is all decked out in her classic retro attire.

Joy is an 18″ Poseable Doll that comes with a dress, a pair of tights, a pair of underpants, a pair of gloves, black headband and shoes.
What makes Joy stand out from other dolls is her features. Your little girl can move Joy’s hands and legs. She can stand alone or sit. You can even purchase more Retro Deluxe Fashions for Joy. If your little girl loves to brush her doll’s hair like my daughter does, then you’ll be happy to know that Joy’s hair can be easily combed or brushed. If you really want to get fancy then head to Our Generations Dolls website. It’s where you can learn about the many different hair styles for dolls right in their Hairdos section.



Our Generation Doll Retro Joy

Another must have Retro accessory for Joy would be the Bite to Eat Diner.

Oh my goodness, my mouth dropped when I seen this playset. I honestly couldn’t help myself. I wanted to tear open the box before my daughter did.

This Retro Diner will be built within 2 milkshakes and a donut. Hahaha. Sorry for the “dry” humor but let’s just say, it doesn’t take much time setting it up.

How insanely cute is this play set? Oh my gosh, it has all the make believe foods that you would ever want in a diner. From donuts, cookies, pies, ice cream floats and more!

Have you ever seen something quite like this? I surely have not. Just the name alone makes me wanna grab a chair and eat at the Retro Diner.


joy retro

The Bite to Eat Cafe has EVERYTHING your little girl will want and need for her new Our Generation Retro Dolls.

In this set, you’ll receive the diner, stools, glasses, bowls, silverware and foods like bacon, pies, cookies, coffee pot and so much more!

It even has a paper pad with a pencil to take orders and money along with coins. I can’t believe it! Our Generation has thought of it all with this Bite to Eat Cafe.

You know what makes this Retro Bite to Eat Cafe even more fabulous? It has booth style seating and two stools. So if your little girl has other Our Generation Dolls, they will also fit in well.

Can you imagine that special little girl in your life waking up to this on Christmas morning? If I was you, I would let Santa know.

Just a little Holiday shopping tip, a savvy- smart little elf told me that both Joy and the Retro Diner is available at and on sale. -And these days, elves are the way to Santa’s heart.





So tell me, Do you have a special little girl in your life that would love Joy and the Bite To Eat Cafe?




For more information about Our Generation Dolls and accessories, please visit their website.

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