Stay warm with NewAir AH-450B Space Heater

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 In 2002, NewAir was established as a small manufacturer company that expanded to be one of our nation’s top premier home appliance manufacturers of our time. It’s quite remarkable!  From their reputable home appliances like Ice Makers, Wine Coolers, Portable Air Conditioners and Space Heaters, NewAir has definitely made a staple in this industry.  Since NewAir is a family owned business, they know what it takes to keep their consumers happy. Not only have they succeeded at this mission, but  they continue to provide their customers in all aspects just what they need.

 Their Story:

NewAir has set some pretty high standards for home appliance manufacturers all over the US. They don’t just produce mass amounts of products, they produce home appliances that are designed to make your home a better place. These products are suitable for everyday use or needs. NewAir recognizes that we all have busy lives so when they provide you with appliances that make life easier, I am all for that.  Their products are Eco-Friendly, Stylish and Efficient to all households. What’s important to you is important to them. They show the leadership of customer service as their representatives are attending to your needs and are dedicated in providing you with care.

Just recently, I had a wonderful opportunity to review the  NewAir Oil Filled Space Heaters and today I am delighted to share with you my thoughts.



Have you been searching for a space heater that not only is portable but works effectively? If you answered Yes, then the NewAir AH-450B Space Heater is your choice!

From it’s sleek design and low maintenance needed, this oil filled space heater does the job. Having a space heater without the worries of flames or fumes is ideal to use around children and pets. For me, having a sturdy frame with heavy duty caster wheels gives me some peace of mind when the NewAir Ah-450B is turned on with my kids in the room. I feel confident that my children will not knock it down. You will be happy to know that this space heater has a certified safety feature that includes overheat protection and a tip over switch.

As we all know, space heaters tend to get hot as it produces heat so keeping this electric space heater plugged in a safe area is also important for me and my families well being. The NewAir AH-450B Space Heater is 14.25″ x 12.75″ x 25.00″ in size and weighs 17.16 pounds.


The NewAir AH-450B Space Heater operates on oil so it provides gentle heat that won’t cause fumes or smelly odors. It’s super quite when running and will heat up a small room or up to 150 square feet of living space. By touching the digital timer, you can select and program for how many hours that you want to use. You can make this selection up to 8 hours.

Another feature that I liked was how it has an automatic shut off. There has been many discussions on the news about space heaters over heating and knowing that the AH-450B has this feature, I can rest easy if I forget to shut it off.

There is 3 heat settings of high, low and eco that you can choose from. By using the included remote or  manually pressed, you can select your temperature from 65 to 85 degrees.



So overall, the NewAir Oil-Filled Space Heater is great to have when heating up a small common area in your home. It’s portable and lightweight so I can take it from room to room when needed. It’s great to use on those chilly days when you want a room to heat up quickly. Having the remote is a wonderful feature to have since I can control the temperature without leaving my couch or loveseat. For a small portable heater, the  AH-450B sure puts out enough heat to my liking. Because of the radiator style design, I can store this heater when not in use in my closet, garage or basement. I think it’s fantastic!

I am very satisfied and highly recommend NewAir to all my readers.

You can also check out my Youtube video here.

The AH-450B NewAir Oil-Filled Space Heater retails for $99.97. It’s currently available at your local Home Depot Store, Sears, Amazon and

For more information about NewAir and the products they offer, please visit their website.

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  • lisa

    I am not a huge fan of space heaters, but in our house we need one in the front bedroom. I will have to check this out for next winter!
  • Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    That like the Rolls Royce of space heaters! I love all the heat settings, and the remote is great!
  • Chubskulit Rose

    That would be great to have during winter times to keep us warm. This year's winter is just brutal. I will check this out.
  • Sara

    My kitchen and hallway are so cold, I love the look of this heater too - I wonder if they have these over here in the UK?
  • Roselynn

    Oh wow this looks like such an impressive space heater. While space heaters sometimes make me nervous, it can definitely be useful and we are in need of one for the attic. No matter how hot the downstairs is, the attic always has the gust of coldness that really sucks.
  • Michelle @ Dishes and Dust Bunnies

    It's so cool that the heater has a remote! I also find that space heaters can be a much more economical option.
  • HilLesha

    I have always been apprehensive about using a space heater in my small apartment, but this one looks and sounds quite promising! I love the sleek design.
  • R U S S

    We don't have that much a need for space heaters here because our country is generally warm to begin with, but I do appreciate heaters whenever I'm in a cold country ... big help! Over all, New Air's space heater looks pretty sleek and it does sound like a good appliance to have at home especially if it's environment-friendly and efficient.
  • lisa @bitesforbabies

    I could have used something like this many times! It reminds me of the time I lived in Italy in the countryside and had to use a gas heater for the winter..not fun!
  • Krystal

    We live in Florida so never turn on the heat! We need space heaters like this that are portable and can be used as we need them!
  • Chrystal @ YUM eating

    My mother has one of these that is similar. Perhaps an older model and she loves it. Very cost effective and isn't so drying on the skin as regular electric or gas/propane heaters.
  • Ashleigh Walls

    I love the look of this! It looks so elegant for a space heater, this would be perfect in the living room when it gets chilly.
  • Sharon

    That is so cool! We rarely use our "heater" in Phoenix and rely on space heaters for the colder nights, which is like almost never, so I would love getting like three of these for the house

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