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“The concept of iBallz came about in January 2010 when a couple of friends (Derek & Lee) went snowboarding and killed time on the chairlift rides between runs by joking around about the crazy hype surrounding Apple’s iPad announcement, which had been made earlier that morning. They knew right away that the iPad would change everything and since both of us are longtime technology enthusiasts and admittedly klutzy, their first idea was to create an iPad accessory that would protect against drops & spills without covering up the slick Apple design that we all love so much.”

For only being around in four short years, the makers of iBallz Friendly Integration LLC has certainly made a staple brand for themselves in the i-Pad accessories category. As you know, the Apple i-Pad device is costly. The thought of consumers making a major purchase without the proper accessories is very scary. I know for myself, I personally own two i-Pad mini’s and I cringe just from the thought of something happening to either one of them.

Let’s face it, your making a big investment so why not protect it with the best.

iBallz not only offers your tablet protection, but peace of mind. iBallz are designed to protect your tablet from accidentally falls by providing shock absorbing bumpers placed on each corner on your tablet.

By placing the iBallz around with it’s adjustable elastic cord will give it a tighter and secure fitting.


What’s great about the iBallz is, how universal they are. Not only are they designed for i-Pads but they also fit Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, Amazon Kindle Fire, Microsoft Surface, Barnes & Nobles Nook and so many more. The iBallz are very easy to install and all you have to do is place your tablet inside the grooves of the iBallz. The universal design is available is two sizes which fits most 10-12″ tablets up to .5″ thick for large or small that fits most 7-9″ tablets and e-readers up to .5″ thick.

The iBalls protecting system is very light and will not damage your tablet in any way by placing it on. I have to admit that I did a drop test to see what happens and I was very surprised how it just bounced off the floor. This is certainly not recommended but I really wanted to see for myself if in fact it did protect. Having the iBallz on the tablet really does help protect and you will feel secure knowing if you dropped it by accident your tablet will remain safe.




Overall, the concept of the iBallz is great. I feel confidante when my children walk around using their i-pads and android tablets. I feel that the iBallz are a great asset to have.

The iBallz shock absorber retails for $24.99.

For More information about iBallz and the products they offer visit their website.

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  • Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    My kids are ALWAYS dropping my iPad and/or iPhone, so this sounds like something I definitley need to purchase!
  • Catherine S

    This looks really great for protecting a tablet. I need to get this for my sons tablet I am always worried he will drop it.
  • Michelle de Guzman

    Wow what a smart idea. I have purchased a couple of Otter boxes but they make every thing bulky. Nice to have the safety and not interfere with the lightness of the design..
  • Ann Bacciaglia

    This is such a great idea. I am always worried about dropping my tablet. My friends kids love to walk around with her tablet. I bet she would love one of these. I will have to show her.
  • Danielle Stewart

    I haven't jumped on the "I" band wagon...but those are cool products! I am constantly dropping my phone! What's up with that? This looks like a great way to cushion some of the clumsiness that goes with too much stuff and not enough hands (at least in my world!)
  • Eliz Frank

    I can appreciate anything that protects our gadgets from self destruction. My smartphone got smashed a few months ago, and it cost a lot to fix the phone. It has a special protective cover now but I wish I had one when I bought it. The ballz is a great idea and worth owning.
  • Deanna Ritz

    I need to put these on our electronic devices. Ours get dropped all the time. One of our ipads has already been busted once.
  • Rally L.C.

    Well, I haven't heard of iBallz before, but this is something that I would definitely purchase, especially that I use to drop my phone all the time. So good to know! ;) Hugs, Rally
  • Kath Rivera

    Wow, this is a new concept to me. I think I haven't seen it here in our country. I do hope that the brand will bring it here so that we can enjoy this functional product too!

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