Spicy Shredded-Cheese Chicken Appetizers

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Spicy Shredded-Cheese Chicken Appetizers

Let’s get ready for some FOOTBALL!!! It’s game day and your favorite team is ready to win. As a fan, you waited all season long for this moment and it finally has arrived. The Big Game. It comes down to the best. This could be our year. That’s what all football fans wish for. One thing is for sure when your guests arrive to cheer on your team, you want to be able to enjoy it with them. I know for myself, there have been many times that I’ve been stuck in the kitchen cooking and missing half the game. Not no more.

This year, I decided there will be none of that. I’ll be creating delicious recipes that will save time in the kitchen without sacrificing the taste and quality of a meal. Hosting The Big Game at your home can be overwhelming. There is so much to do before the game day like shopping for our must-have foods.

Just the other day when I was picking up a few things at my local Walmart, I was thinking of an appetizer that I could make that would result in a game changer. One, that my guests would love and enjoy individually. That is when I thought of picking up a few cans of RO*TEL along with Fresh Round Crust Rolls from the Bakery, Rotisserie Chicken, and Shredded Monterrey Jack Cheese to make my Spicy Shredded-Cheese Chicken Appetizers.

-And what’s not to love about having your own bread dip bowl on game day? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! It’s like a two for one. You get a tasty appetizer that your guest can’t put down then satisfies your guests who love to dip too!




Delicious right from the start is what these dip style appetizers are. Let’s face it, it makes a world of a difference when your recipe first starts off with fresh bread. Oh man, we just love it! Especially the ones that are easy to tear or pull apart and use to dip. Yum! With only three ingredients needed, this recipe will take you less than 30 minutes to make. Heck, you could make these lovelies even during half time. It’s that quick.
Here’s the real catch. Adding RO*TEL to this already amazing list of ingredients makes this appetizer a meal that everyone could make and love. Creating a hack like shredded my store bought rotisserie chicken in my blender, allows me to save time in the kitchen and becomes the perfect recipe for game day.




Saving time in the kitchen is a no brainier. I think we all try to cut corners with creating hacks so we can eliminate steps to a recipe. It certainly makes a difference when you’re short on time and your family is hungry doesn’t it?

With this appetizer, it’s what I would call my stress free recipe creation. By pulling apart rotisserie chicken then placing it in a blender to chop makes it so much easier than doing it by hand. -Plus once chopped, the chicken is extremely easy to scoop and place into your individual bread rolls.

Honestly, I saved so much time in just this step alone by purchasing store bought rotisserie chicken. Simple. Save Time Preparing = Yes You CAN!.




Now, you won’t be seeing anyone calling this recipe out as a penalty. No yellow flags being tossed here. This is what you call a show-stopping game day recipe that can be easily done by adding RO*TEL If you want to spice it up, then add two tablespoons of crushed red peppers to your shredded chicken and you got yourself a tasty individual appetizer to serve on game day. Place them in the oven for 10 minutes and FORGET. The bread becomes so crispy and you become one mean dipping machine.


Rotel Spicy Shredded Cheese Chicken






Spicy Shredded Cheese Chicken App


Take a minute and picture this Spicy Shredded-Cheese Chicken Appetizer in your mind. Yup, it pulls you right in doesn’t it? -And you know what? They taste just amazing as they look. Depending what your fancy is, this mouth-watering appetizer will be a huge hit during The Big Game. Your guests will love the individual size without sacrificing the delicious taste. Great for those who love to dip or could be eaten within.

I bet you’re saying who would have thought that canned goods with fresh bread from the bakery along with a quick tip would result in a meal that everyone could make and love. This recipe is the perfect combination when creating a delicious and simple meal. Not only does my Spicy Shredded-Cheese Chicken Appetizer would be great to serve during a party but it saves you time in the kitchen when using this stress-free recipe.


YesYouCAN Spicy Shredded Cheese Chicken App





Tell me, what is one of your favorite quick game day recipes?

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