Share and Celebrate with Edwards Pies on Pi Day

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Pi Day has become a big deal in my household. I will admit, it’s pretty hard to resist a delicious creme pie these days. Especially one that is made with Hershey’s Chocolate. It’s heavenly. Total yum!

I’ve always loved pie. You name it, Apple, Chocolate, Turtle, and Key Lime Pie are a few of my favorites. So you can see why my family and I are taking full advantage of celebrating Pi Day tonight with Edwards® Chocolate Creme Pie.  I can not wait to grab a fork and dig in.



Lately, spending time with my family has been limited. -And I really feel awful about it. Being extremely busy with my blog and worrying about my sister’s health who has been sick for the last four months. Even when I’m home, my mind seems to be not there lately. I do live a busy life with my children, so when I try to fit everything in that needs to be done in a day’s time, it becomes impossible and stressful for me. Have you been there?

Spending time with my family will always be my first concern but I still bad for not mentally, even physically, being “there”for them like I should have been. I believe that many of us including those who are mothers, feel like we need to be a super mom every single day but please take it from me, It’s perfectly okay if you can’t.

Let the little things go. Especially with the things you can’t change. It’s more important to let your family know how much they mean to you.

Honestly, we can easily lose track of time when we focus on other challenges in life. So take a day like Pi Day and offer them a “piece” offering. Not only will you love spending this extra time with them, but the whole family will enjoy this special dessert after dinner.





So on this Pi Day, I will be celebrating with my family by sharing one delicious “piece” of Chocolate Creme Pie with them. Edwards Desserts  make it effortless for me to serve too! Just thaw in the refrigerator for up to 3 hours before serving. Super simple!

Look for the new Edwards Dessert packaging at your local grocery store. Same amazing taste in a brand new packaging. You’re going to love it!


So tell me, who would you share your pie with today?

Visit Edwards Desserts on Facebook to watch a fun video.

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