Schools Benefit from your Back to School Shopping #BTSLikeABoss

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Do I dare to even say it? I know, those four words that no one wants to hear in the summer. Back to School Shopping.

Honestly, the summer is the perfect time to start because unlike me, I waited two weeks before school started last year to get my children their school supplies. It totally was a wrong move on my part because I ended up swarming around different stores looking for the best prices. I actually went to five different stores looking for certain school supplies and still ended up not getting what I needed. Not to mention, the cost of gas running around to multiple stores. I mean, is it really worth it in the end. I’m afraid it’s not.

I guess that saying goes, the early bird gets the worm. So starting back to school shopping is a must for me this year and guess what? I did all my shopping in one store last night.

I grabbed the things that I needed, plus I picked up my kids school’s list that was on display at Walmart. Talk about convenience! One stop shopping for all your back to school needs.

Let’s face it, school supplies are a necessity for your children and their classroom teachers. In the beginning of the year, teachers create a wish list for the students which is very helpful for parents.  Granted, many items on those lists can be easily found right at your local Walmart store. It’s nice to see as a parent a stock pile of supplies in the classroom. Having the right tools such as pencils, markers, copy paper, crayons and even Kleenex can really help your children’s teacher.


Another way to help your school when shopping is looking for those Box Tops on the packages. I will admit, I normally go for those instantly because by me purchasing items with Box Tops,  it will help my children’s school. When shopping at Walmart, you can find Kleenex, Scott Extra Soft Bath Tissue and even Viva Paper Towels with Bonus Box Tops. Your getting double the points. Which is fantastic!


So the next time your heading to Walmart, grab your list and pick up your children’s school supplies. Be prepared for their big day back to school.

When shopping for back to school supplies, Do you pick up extras for the classroom?

Let me know, in the comments below.






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  • Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I always pick up some extras for the classroom, but lucky for us, we still have 7 or 8 more weeks of summer vacation, so I don't need to start shopping for a while :)
  • Sara-Jayne

    Our school as so different to yours in the USA - and we have only just broke up for Summer this Wednesday. I always get a few extras for my boys - and when I was teaching I always bought a great deal of supplies ready for the new year!
  • Christy Maurer

    Well, my last baby is a SENIOR this year! UGH!!! Back to school shopping now just means paper and notebooks :( Time flies! It is sometimes good to wait til closer to school though because the sales start to really take off!
    • Michele

      Christy, I went through that with my twins two years ago. I have a long way still since my little ones are still in elementary.
  • Jeannette

    Our teachers give us a list of what items are most helpful and I definitely try to stock up! I do look for items that have Box Tops since it helps me give even more to my kids' school!
  • Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    I usually pick up a few extra tissues and some pencils for my kids' classes when I do my back to school shopping. Every little bit helps.
  • Melissa Dixon

    I just bought all of my daughters supplies yesterday while we were at Walmart for groceries. She got so excited when she seen all of the lists, which I love that they have, and I loved buying notebooks for 17cents! What a deal!
  • Melissa Pezza

    I always buy a little extra when I do my back to school shopping. I know how bad kids are about losing things.
  • Maria

    I always have to fulfill the list provided by the school for what we need. But, we usually end up buying some extra items to keep at home as well.
  • Sandy KS

    the two kids still at home are highschool students. I do not buy extra for any room. Except the class that helps my daughter. As she is special needs. I have donated through out the year to honor classes my son has taken.
  • Kelly Hutchinson

    I cannot believe it is already time for back to school shopping! Thankfully, my daughter is a junior and she doesn't need many supplies, just lots of clothes!
  • Grace

    School shopping use to be so simple when my kids were in school but I have went with my daughter school shopping for the grand kids and it can be quite an experience. Their teachers gives lists but still as you say, The Early Bird Gets the Worm so you have to get an early start. Yeah for you that you did it all in one store.
  • chanelle

    I can't believe it's almost time to start thinking about school again! Where did summer go? My little one is headed to preschool in Sept, and I'm sure she'll be jazzed about picking up new school supplies (backpack, lunchbox and clothes). Walmart is a great place to grab these items!
  • Mykidsguide

    I like shopping as early as summer begins, a little at a time. That way I don't feel the weight of spending so much for the kids' supplies.
  • ricci

    I always try to buy products with the box tops if I am able!! I also try to spread my "back to school" shopping out all over the summer so it doesn't sneak up on me all at once! LOL!
  • Lisa

    It seems like the stores are already pretty packed with people stocking up on back to school supplies! I'm sure it will be CRAZY busy over the next couple of weeks.
  • Ann Bacciaglia

    We have been collecting all the school supplies we need over the summer. My Daughter is entering her first year at College this year. I need to get her a good computer to use.
  • Lynndee

    We do pick up extras for the classroom like tissue boxes or sanitizers, etc. It's hard to be believe that back to school is just around the corner, but I am looking forward to the shopping part. ;)
  • MimiCuteLips

    I feel your pain, my kids go back to school next month. My son wears a uniform so that makes thing a bit easier. We've started buying uniforms and purging the small ones.
  • Chubskulit Rose

    Thinking about Back to School makes me sad. I get used to waking up with no rush to go to school, sigh. Glad to see this program, we collect labels and codes to for the school.
  • Nickida

    We always pick up extras for the classroom. I like when the teacher also has a suggestion list so you know what you buy will get used.
  • Kerri

    When back to school supplies are on sale, I always get extra for the classroom. That way, the teacher has extras for throughout the year.
  • CourtneyLynne

    Eeekkk!!! I can't believe it's almost school time! My daughter starts real school this fall so I will have to keep all of this in mind when shopping!
  • Bree @ HalfPennyBlog

    I always loved back to school shopping as a kid! It was shopping that was allowed and not considered to be "unnecessary," at least most of the time. Love the way to help the classroom brought up!

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