Santa is Hoppin into Town! Hop Balls #Review

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Whose the guy with the cap on head, suit that’s red, special night, beard that’s white , must be Santa! Yup he is coming!
So excited!! I can’t believe that Christmas is almost here. My kids are counting down the days and as their mom, I can’t blame them. It’s the most happiest time of the year! Well for my family it is.

No matter what holiday you celebrate, their is always room for fun and of course exercise. With Hop Balls you better believe that you can get just that!

Hop Balls is located in sunshine state of Florida, As you know, Floridians know a thing or two when it comes down to having fun. Owned any operated by Waliki Toys, this remarkable company promotes wellness through exercising and their mission is to keep our children active and healthy. With 20 years of experience, The founder of Waliki Toys  had a remembrance of his first time on a hop ball. He remembered how much fun it was for him as a child. With that being said, he just knew that bringing back this classic toy would be great for children and adults from all over the globe. Most people recall seeing these hop balls when they were little and of course they were called many of things like hippty hop, hoppity hopper or space hopper. I guess it all depends on where you grew up from and who you grew up with.

Since then, The Hop Balls are now new and improved! Their new designs, brighter colors and characters are most certainly desired for all ages. Hop not only offers Hop Balls but they have a whole line of bounce houses, toys, exercise balls for adults and inflatable water slides.

They even had special offers for parties and school packs that are now available when you want to purchase in larger quantities.

Recently, I got a opportunity to review Hop Unicorn Adult Size Plush Ball Hopper. I am thrilled to share with you my experience.


Meet Mrs. Anna! With her lovable smile and soft plush coat, this friendly Unicorn is ready for an adventure. I mean what’s not to love about her!  The Anna Unicorn is available in children and adult sizes.  Adult sizes would be ideal for anyone that is 13 years old to an adult. I requested this size because I wanted my daughter to love it for years to come and of course big enough for me to try out! Oh yes! I hopped around like a little kid and so didn’t my husband. I could stop laughing and honestly it was a lot of fun.




The Adult Size Unicorn Plush Ball Hopper is a great way for you or your children to get exercise without even knowing it. From bouncing and racing around, it helps with balance and coordination. With the colder temperatures arriving and soon to be entering the winter season, this would be perfect for children to get the exercise that they need indoors. Being that this hop ball arrives deflated, owners must use the included hand pump to inflate the ball first before putting on the unicorn plush cover on. Honestly, it took about 5 minutes or less to blow it up. The durable rubber ball is thick, so you know it has been built to hold the weight.

Mrs. Anna has pink colored shimmery ears, feet and horn. She has a long pink mane and tail. She is about 29 inches in diameter.

In addition to Mrs. Anna, offers other characters and sizes as well.

Looking for size and age comparisons?

  •  3-6 years old (Small)
  •  7-9 years old (Large)
  • 10-12 years old (X-Large)
  • 13 years old to adult (Huge)

So as you can see, they offer great sizes for the whole family!

Overall, a Hop Ball would be a great gift to give during the holiday season or birthdays. So if Mrs. Claus is looking for an unique toy for all her children, this would be a great gift for Santa to bring!

The Adult Size Unicorn retails for $49.99 on website.

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