Purex Crystals Limited Edition Fabulously Fresh

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I’m apart of Purex Insiders Community and I couldn’t be more excited to share with you my review on the Limited Edition Fabulously Fresh in -wash fragrance booster!



Being that my family and I use Purex laundry detergent and seeing the clean results on our clothes, I am so exited to try out the new Limited Edition Fabulously Fresh booster.



Having four busy children in my household, I am washing clothes just about everyday.

If your like me, the piles of clothes seem never-ending  but I must say having clean and fresh smelling clothes is the best remedy for a happy family.


I tried out the Purex Crystals and I’m so happy to hear that my husband even approves. My husband says to me, “wow, I am not sure what you used as a fabric softner but my uniforms smell so fresh”.  I told him that Purex Crystals not only made his uniforms for work smelling extra nice but it was easy as pie to use.

Purex made in -wash fragrance booster to be very convenient for families like ours. All you do is add it directly with your laundry and you can even use the cap to measure. How awesome!




You can’t get more convenient then tossing it in and go.

What’s even better this is safe for all loads including towels, blankets, uniforms and sleepwear.  Works great on top or front loading machines.

I would recommend the Purex Crystals for all my readers. Your clothes do come out fresh and smelling wonderful.

Have a wonderful day!

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