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Hello Everyone!
I want to share a story with you and with hopes you can help my nephews 2 year old Dog named Kira.

Here is her story,
I’m Kira a 2 year old English Mastiff who is full of energy and loves life. I live with my dad who loves me, takes great care of me and is my best friend. Unfortunately I have been diagnosed with a rare infection called infective endocarditis for dogs. It’s a medical condition in which the inner lining of the heart has become inflamed in response to an infection in the body. If not treated in time could lead to severe complications. Please consider donating as my medical bills are rising greatly. I am currently at Tuffs Medical and can’t wait to get home.
Please help in any way possible, there is a link for a donation.
Please do me a favor and share this post to help me get the word out.

I thank you, my nephew thanks you and Kira will thank you.
If you have a Dog , you know that he or she is your baby, part of your family.

Kira needs your help. Please Share and Donate!
Thank you so much!

Donations & Story click here.


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