Packit Personal Cooler Review

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I would like to thank Pack it for allowing me to review their freezable personal cooler.

Pack it is a “refreshing” new way to pack your lunch or foods on the go. With having their awesome designs and allowing consumers to keep their foods “cold” and fresh for up to 10 hours.

I am sure you have heard of many other brands that offer a freezer bag or say that they are insulated  but I bet you never heard of their bags having a built in cooler technology?

Well Pack it has it and it works!


As you might know most freezer bags do stay cold but by the time you reach for your lunch at work it’s warm or spoiled already. Your sandwiches are mushy and not fresh at all. In fact how many times have you wanted to pack a salad for lunch and were afraid of your lettuce being spoiled and even your dressing becoming warm. In the end it’s not what you want when you open your bag during lunch time. Well, Pack it not only keeps your food fresh, cold and desirable it has the ability to even keep your foods just as fresh when you first packed it. You just pack it and go!!

I received the Packit freezable personal cooler in their Cali Stripe Social Cooler design and I couldn’t be more pleased. I have used this on multiple occasions with my husband and I.


Living in a warm climate state it’s extremely hard to keep our foods and lunches fresh and cold without using ice that melts or an ice pack. With the Pack it, it has a patented permanent freezable gel that is built into the liner. So with that freezable gel you can rest assure that your food will never get warm or wet.

For two consecutive days,  I packed a salad, dressing, water , fruit and soda into the bag. The bag was left in my very hot car for 4 hours. When I returned to get  my packit personal cooler it was still cold, my salad was cold and especially my water. It was almost like I just retrieved it from my refrigerator. It was amazing. This bag is large enough and can hold tons of foods to take on road trips, vacations and to the beach. You can truly reuse it and still get that same result. I Love it! The price is also super reasonable at $19.95 plus s&h. Great Deal!


Packit also has many other different cooler colors and designs to choice from.

You can view this Cali Stripe Social Cooler from Packit by visiting their website.

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