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Oh la la! One of my all time favorite chocolates combined in a jar. How do I resist? One word comes to mind “Perfection”. The New Reese’s Spreads is unbelievable delicious! If you favor Reese cups, then you will be delighted to know that the taste is on point.

Recently, I had an opportunity to sample the New Reese’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Spread and today I am excited to share with you my thoughts.

The brand Reese’s are known for their melt in your mouth peanut butter cups. If you haven’t tried them yet, you must! Peanut butter in the middle topped with milk chocolate in a form of a cup. Yum!

Well, I happy to say they nailed it when it comes to this spread. The taste is unbelievable and the best part you can place it on anything you like. It’s extremely easy to spread even though it’s thick.

I used to think that my children were the peanut butter and jelly kings and queens when they were little. It was something that they would eat for lunch but now, spread a little of the peanut butter chocolate on their bread and your in a new world.



My daughter’s new love is dipping apples into peanut butter. I am not surprised that she actually loves it because the combination of both is delightful! I’ve actually packed her lunch for school with apple slices and Reese’s peanut butter before receiving this peanut butter chocolate spread. Now she is overjoyed with excitement to show her friends how good the New Reese’s Spreads actually is. Which means she will be sharing. (Hahaha)

What’s great about the Reese’s Spreads is a little goes a long. You don’t need much on the bread to make a sandwich or fruit. We actually tried it on bananas too and it was actually pretty good.  So the possibilities are endless.



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Overall, the New Reese’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Spread is a win-win for my family. We have been a fan of Reese’s for many years and they certainly have not lost their touch when it comes to new products of their popular peanut butter.

I invite my readers to try it out and let me know what you think.


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  • Samantha Angell

    My brother recently gave me some of this, and I LOVE it! Absolutely amazing, and so good with so many things. I've been making brownies and putting this on top- it is just like a peanut butter cup!
  • Sara

    I have just discovered my love of Reeses pieces, and I would adore this! Sadly in the UK it isn't going to be easy to get any, but I'm going to try!
  • Myrabev

    I am not family with Reeses pieces but can not wait to find out more, like Sara said not sure it will be easy to find in the UK
  • Olivia Douglass

    Oh my goodness, this looks absolutely delicious!!! I would LOVE to eat this on apples, or maybe just by the spoonful! I have a weak spot for sweets ;)
  • Penny Struebig

    Oh my goodness -- I can't wait to try this on apples! I have a love the Reese's peanut butter cups so this flavor in a spread has to be amazing.
  • Fi Ní Neachtáin

    My little one would love this as he loves peanut butter and chocolate. Reeces Pieces are so hard to get here in Ireland though :(
  • Lauren Stauffer

    I don't know if I will be a fan of this or if it will be a bust for me. I used to love candy and chocolate but after graduating high school I am just not a fan of very many sweet items. I am also not big on them in big portions. I will give it a chance though : )
  • Aisha Kristine Chong

    i have heard quite a tons about reese but i never really tried them - because they keep going sold out lol but I do believe its really yummy!
  • Courtney

    This sounds beyond amazing!!!! I'm going to have to look for this next time I go grocery shopping since Resse's are my Hubby's fav !! He would love this :)
  • Michelle Hwee

    Oh man, I saw this at the store the other day just thinking about how it will taste. Thank you for your wonderful review! It looks delish and I love Reeses!!
  • Yona Williams

    I am so happy to hear that the Reese's Spreads tastes like the cups. I bet my nephew would go crazy over this...he's a fan of the cups. I think this would make a tasty spread for sugar cookies.

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