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There are everyday heroes living among us. Some of them, we often get a chance to learn about although, there are still many that we do not. Is there an everyday hero living in your community?

Everyday Heroes

Heroes don’t require a cape or special powers to help others. Sometimes, it’s an ordinary person like you and me. I truly admire everyday heroes because they put the needs of others before there own. Their bravery and encouragement towards others is incredible! Providing heroic acts of kindness when people need help the most. Everyday heroes are unselfish and have a warm heart that glow. They truly cannot be forgotten.

You might see everyday heroes providing support around your own communities as they thrive to give back what they can without giving it a second thought. And remember, everyday heroes, come in all shapes and sizes. Men, women, and children alike sometimes face danger and adversity while helping others too.

Acts of kindness can be as simple as giving a stranger a compliment, raising money for a cause, joining a 5k race in someone’s honor, paying it forward or picking up liter at a beach. Those are all great examples of everyday heroes.

Encore Moments: Rewarding Everyday Heroes

I’m so excited to announce that Norwegian Cruise Line is giving away 64 cruises across the U.S. and Canada on their brand new mega-ship, the Norwegian Encore. The folks at Norwegian Cruise Line recognize that everyday heroes who make a difference in the lives of their family, friends and within their communities, deserve a huge thank you for their compassion and dedication in assisting others.

And to help celebrate the debut of their latest innovative ship the Norwegian Encore, Norwegian Cruise Line welcomes you to nominate your everyday hero. This opportunity is a way for you to thank and recognize that hero in your life.  Rewarding them for a chance to receive a free cruise for two on the Norwegian Encore and an exclusive invitation to an award ceremony on December 16th in New York City.  This includes airfare and hotel accommodations.

Norwegian Cruise Line’s Encore Moments campaign, which runs from Sept. 18, 2019, to Oct. 18, 2019, will recognize and reward 52 people across the U.S. (one person from each state including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico), and one person from each of Canada’s provinces and territories (excluding Quebec).


Be sure to nominate your hero and cast your vote.  For more information about Norwegian Cruise Line, Norwegian Encore, and this remarkable opportunity to honor your hero, please visit them here.








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