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NEW Dry Spray Antiperspirants available now at Walmart!

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I have to tell ya, one of lives most embarrassing moments can be not wearing the proper deodorant. Let me be honest with you, I remember my twins sons attending a senior event at their school last year and as I was taking pictures of them I had notice that ugly white “cake like” deodorant stain on their shirt. As this point it was too late to change so they made the best of it and carried on. I remember asking them how did it happen? Well to make a long story short, they both put the deodorant on then their shirt. So not being careful cost them a bit of embarrassment.

I know things like this happens from time to time and even with me. Living in the sunshine state of Florida, us Floridians know all about humidity and hot temperatures. On most days, I feel most comfortable wearing tank tops or loose shirts and I even had my own bad experiences with those deodorant stains on my tops too! My family and I have tried many different brands and styles. From roll-ons to deodorant sticks, So when I heard that I would be getting a chance to review some of new dry sprays available at Walmart,  I couldn’t wait to see and feel that difference.

One of things that we do each morning before leaving the house is take a shower. It’s nothing like starting your day feeling fresh, clean and ready to take on our day. With the hot Florida sun bearing down on us each day, I can’t express the importance enough to my children about applying deodorant before leaving the house. I even had them put an extra deodorant stick in their school bag for those was need it now moments. Let’s face it, boys are pretty active with sports and even out in about with their friends, so being prepared is important.

I recently had a wonderful opportunity to sample Dove and Men Degree Dry Spray. Today, I am excited to share with my readers this experience.


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The *New* Dove  for women Dry Spray is a antiperspirant spray that not only smells wonderful, but after you apply it,  you instantly feel dry. The first thing I would recommend is to shake the bottle then spray atleast 6 inches away from your underarm skin. I will admit, it’s been awhile since I used a spray but it really made me feel fresher and it left no residue on my skin or clothing. I absolutely loved the scent too! The aroma of cucumber is a soft desired smell that is great for any age to use.  I also noticed after using the Dove, it didn’t make my skin feel itchy after use which normally sprays do. So I am pretty pleased about that.

For men, I received the Degree Motionsense Dry Spray for my sons to sample. The scent is called Adventure and it’s more for the action male or sports inclined man in your life. Both of my twin sons have sensitive skin  so I was a bit worried about them using the dry spray at first. Because of their past experiences with antiperspirant sprays, I couldn’t be more thrilled to say neither one of them had any issues of redness or a itchy sensation when using it. It fact, not only did it keep them dry throughout their day but the smell still lingers at night. In my opinion, it worked awesome for them as I noticed a more lasting application.

Overall, both of these antiperspirant products are ideal for me and my family. They keep us dry, the scents are wonderful but most of all keeps us feeling great all day long!

For a limited time only, you can request your very own full sized bottle by visiting Walmart.com . You simply watch a short video then choose from Degree Men, Degree Women, Dove, Dove Men+Care and Axe.

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