Neat Oh: Barbie Zip Bin Dream House

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NEAT OHI received Barbie Zip Bin Dream House from Neat- Oh! in exchange for review purposes only.

All opinions are 100% my own.


The Inventor of this great company and his son Max came together to think of ways of solving a problem like most parents have which is toy storage. Since Max loved playing with his blocks and as most parents our children dislike the clean up part. They put their heads together and then came up with the best invention called the Zip Bin.

The best part about the Zip Bin is how it transforms to a play mat. So by placing all your blocks or toys in the center of this mat you will find it so much easier to zip it up and then store away. Wonderful Invention!

The Zip Bin is available in themes, brands or characters such as Star Wars, Lego, Hot Wheels, Princess, Dinosaurs and many others like Barbie.


The Barbie Dream House Zip Bin from Neat- Oh! is a must have for any girl that likes to play with Barbies.

Great for ages 3 and up, this dream house converts from a storage bin to a play mat in seconds and it’s all done by a few zips.


Barbie has been a staple brand in most households for over 30 years. I remember as a child playing with Barbies and they were my favorite pass time. Collecting all the accessories like clothing, shoes were so much fun. The only part of my collection that always went missing was shoes and the clothing. I guess back then there wasn’t many options like the Barbie Zip Bin Dream House to keep everything together.

The Dream House Zip Bin is a great source for your little girl to keep everything together and stored away neatly.

It’s colorful,  the bin is premium made and easy to wipe down to clean. It’s not heavy to carry for your little girl.

The bin is 12 inches x 12 inches x 12 inches. Its perfectly square bin. When it’s unzipped the play mat is 36x 36 inches.

You can easily take it on the go for sleepovers at grandmas, on vacations or road trips. It’s light and easy to compact when not in use.

 There are several great features that I like about the Barbie Zip Bin Dream House like how you can zip only two sides and still be able to have your child play with it. It’s soft and easy to handle for my four year old daughter. I also like how the zippers on the sides are heavy duty so they will last a lot longer than most.


It has a modern style flair which my daughter likes. When she first looked at it she was so excited to place all her barbies and clothing in there. She loves that she can “zip” the sides up all by herself. It’s like her very own Barbie Mansion.

So if your looking for a great way to store all your daughter’s Barbie dolls, clothes or accessories then Neat Oh! has what you need.

The Barbie Zip Bin Dream House retails for $24.99.

You find out more information about the Barbie Zip Bin Dream House or how to purchase by visiting Neat-Oh! on their website or Amazon.

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  • amanda whitley

    omg this is exactly what my daughter needs. her barbie stuff is all over the place and ive been wanting to get her a house.

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