2-week Activia challenge

My Summer Consists of Staying Busy-Although…

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My summer consists of staying busy although, that doesn’t stop me from taking the 2-week Activia® challenge. Have you tried it?

 This post is sponsored by Activia® but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

2-week Activia Challenge


Are you a person who is on the trend of the latest foods? Are you constantly looking for ways to incorporate health and wellness into your lifestyle?  For me, the choice was easy! I’m taking the 2-week Activia® Yogurt Challange. Have you heard of it yet?

Through a friend, I recently just heard of it myself. -And I was so surprised to learn more about it. When I was shopping at Walmart just the other day, I noticed the 2-week challenge label on a 12-pack of Activia® so I decided to grab a few packages to take home. If you prefer Activia® yogurt drinks, you can find them both in the yogurt aisle at Walmart.


2-week Activia challenge

2-week Activia challenge

2-week Activia challenge

So I guess you are wondering what is the Activia® 2-week Challenge and how you can incorporate into your active lifestyle?

The Activia® 2-week challenge helps reduce the frequency of minor digestive discomfort. By consuming 2 Activia® cup containers per day for two weeks. You may include this as part of a balanced diet and your ongoing healthy lifestyle.

Many digestive discomforts that I have experienced before taking the Activia® 2-week Challenge was from bloating, gas and abdominal pains. -And so far after a week of consuming, I do feel the difference.


2-week Activia challenge


Did you also know that probiotics are a good, and friendly bacteria? It has shown great results in health benefits and beyond nutrition. It helps support gut and immune health and intestinal tract. You can learn more about probiotics on the Activia® website.

Taking the 2-week Activia® challenge has not slowed me down. In fact, I’m still enjoying my summer activities like swimming, boating, and of course eating my favorite grilled foods on the BBQ.

Summer has begun, join me in taking the Activia® challenge today!


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