My Secret Weapon For Leftovers

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When it comes to leftovers from dinner, do you save it for tomorrow’s lunch? I know many of us do. We  grab out that old plastic container with a non-matching lid from time to time. Hey, it happens we all do it. We do what needs to be done on short time. I totally get it.  But have you ever tried to reheat your food from the same container? Yuck! It’s a mess! Your food is stuck and takes hours to soak and clean it. I will admit, I’ve done it.

But you know what’s even worse? When you have a husband like mine that takes the leftovers to work with him and doesn’t bring the plastic container back. Ugh! It’s bad enough that we have to clean up and wash the dishes after making our meals but now, I am on a scavenger hunt looking for my containers. I can’t even count on one hand how many times this has happened. That is when I said to myself, no more. I need to find containers that are safe for the microwave and will allow him to heat up his food at work. -And better yet, are disposable after use.

That is when I found Reynolds™ Disposable Heat & Eat containers at Walmart. I just love them! These containers have become a staple in our leftover routine. Yup, no more reminders or cleaning extra dishes for us and they’re so easy to pack too! -And do you know what? I saved $1 when I purchased one Reynolds™ Disposable Heat & Eat container using this printable coupon here. Totally winning!




Reynolds™ Disposable Heat & Eat containers are an excellent alternative to plastic and are the perfect size for the microwave. They’re available in (6) 32oz and (8) 24oz sizes. Each Heat & Eat container also comes with a recyclable plastic lid which makes it great when traveling and helps prevent messy leaks.


What I love about Reynolds™ Disposable Heat & Eat containers is how they’re made with plant fibers. It’s so much safer to eat from and not to forget, you don’t need to clean them. Just toss them out and go!

They are very convenient for your leftovers and are a great food essential to have with the holidays arriving soon.

Reynolds™ Disposable Heat & Eat containers work great for foods like chicken and pasta, pizza slices, veggies, casseroles, and even desserts like cookies. Do you know that Reynolds™ Disposable Heat & Eat containers are excellent to go from freezer to microwave? Using them can allow you to spend more time on doing the things you already love!


Mac n Cheese with Chicken



So tell me, what type of leftover foods would you place in the Reynolds™ Disposable Heat & Eat Containers?

You can find these Reynolds™ Disposable Heat & Eat Containers at your local Walmart store in the food storage aisle. Also, be sure to grab your coupon to save now before heading to the store.





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