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I would like to thank Mustachifier for allowing me to review their product for the exchange of my views.

How cute is this Mustachifier? Very cute that I might add.

This mustache pacifier will bring you comfort as a parent knowing that your baby will be content and safe while using his new pacifier. Being that the makers of Mustachifier are parents too, insures me that they only want the best for our children. This is why they have made it 100% completely safe as they followed the guidelines from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Federal Drug Administration, American Academy of Pediatrics and American Dental Association.


These pacifiers are made from a soft firm plastic and has ventilation holes in it. Each Mustachifier has a silicone nipple and a great orthopedic design for your little guy. The dual injected mustache can not detach from the pacifier which makes me feel secure on giving this to my love one.  Another great feature is the Mustachifier is also 100% BPA free.

So you ask, how do I keep it sterile like other pacifiers? The same way you do like most others. It’s highly recommended that you clean your Mustachifier before each use specially on your initial use. By sterilizing in boiling water for at least five minutes it will keep and give your baby the best hygiene.  Also, a great rule of thumb is to replace your child’s pacifier every two months specially when your child starts getting his teeth.


The Mustachifier is available in three different designs which are The Cowboy, The Ladies Man and The Gentleman. You can also purchase The Full Monty which is all three sets. I received The Gentleman for my review.


The Gentleman includes a snap on cap for hygiene proposes. This pacifier would be ideal for infants from 0-6 months old.

This Mustachifier is just the cutest pacifier that I have ever seen for a little boy. It’s definitely very unique and fun for your infant to use. This would be great to give as a baby shower gift or perhaps a cool or hip baby gift.

For a awesome price of $9.99 each, you can pick one of these three or for the complete set for $29.99 you can get the Full Monty.

To purchase these great Mustachifiers you can visit their website and follow them on facebook, twitter, pinterest and google +.


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