Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Quest for the Crystal Mickey

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Hello Moms and all Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fans!

Am I the only one who sings the jingle of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or the Hot Diggity Dog song?

I certainly won’t giggle or complain if you do with your children as well. We love Mickey in our household and my children often watch it on Disney Junior. If you haven’t seen the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse then your missing out on Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Daisy, Pluto and many other great characters that are on the show.

Mickey and his gang bring problem solving, adventure and so much more to each episode on Disney Junior. It’s a great program for toddlers and older children as well.

Just recently I got a chance to review their newest DVD called Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: The Quest For Crystal Mickey.

There are 4 additional episodes on this DVD which are:

  • Donald of the Desert
  • Donald the Genie
  • Goofy’s Coconutty Monkey
  • Goofy’s Giant Adventure


All 5 episodes are extremely fun and exciting for your little one to watch.

The Quest for Crystal Mickey begins when greedy Pete snatches the legendary Crystal Mickey statue from the clubhouse. Without this sparkly magic statue the clubhouse would disappear forever. That is when the viewers from home can help with their Mousekertools and help Mickey find the statue before it’s too late.

This video is full of exciting magic and mystery. It will certainly entertain your children . My daughter was “glued” to the TV when watching this DVD video. She loved it and I also admired how she could “play” along with using those Mousekertools. It’s wonderful to watch with your little ones and see how they react while having fun doing so.

The Quest for the Crystal Mickey is available for purchasing starting on May 21st. It retails for $19.99 US or $24.99 Canada.

By pre-ordering and reserving your copy on Amazon today you will save 29% off ($14.29).


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