Menguin- a New Way to Rent a Tux

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Planning a wedding can be stressful. Especially for the bride or groom. From choosing your wedding party to picking out your beautiful dress. Soon to be brides have so much going on when it comes to planning their dream wedding. I’ve been there myself and it was pretty hectic at times. One of the things that truly worries most soon to be married couples is if someone lives out of town can make it to the wedding. Especially those who have the honor to be apart of the wedding.

For bridesmaids and groomsmen, their part is simple. Just get fitted for the dress and tuxedo and you’re done. Well, not necessary. If your groomsmen live out of state it’s extremely hard to find a tuxedo store within a reasonable driving distance of all parties. For my wedding, my husband’s best man and two groomsmen lived out of state so you can only imagine the research we did to find a compatible retail store that carries the tuxedo design that my husband had chosen. It truly was a mess! -And one of the groomsmen didn’t have time to even try on his suit before the big day either. You see, the stress can and will trickle down to even your wedding party.

Needless to say, I wish that I knew about Menguin.

Menguin is a new way to rent a tux. With having the largest inventory in the U.S. and six national distribution centers, Menguin is the best online solution for tuxedo selections. Having the ability to reach out to their customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is phenomenal.  They truly give you the best service that takes out the hassle and stress of tuxedo fitting, and renting. When renting from Menguin, it’s one thing you can check off instantly on your wedding planning checklist.

I think we can all agree that dealing with a suit or tuxedo two days before a wedding causes more stress than one can handle. Getting it resized because it’s too short, too tight or too big. Since traditional tuxedo rental stores typically allow for pick up 24 or 48 hours before your big event, this doesn’t give you much time in-between to get things done.

So how does Menguin work?

Menguin offers an 4 easy step progress in renting their tuxedos.


  • Build your Tux Online

First, you start to build your tux look online. You can customize your accessories right down to the color of your bow to match your bridesmaid dresses.  Menguin has the highest quality suits for rental. Their online customization and fitting tools will save you time and hassle versus the old way of doing things.

With prices starting at $89 and no compromise in quality, Menguin offers incredible styles for a deal. Wanna learn more? Click here.

  • Get Fitted

Getting fitted for your Menguin suit or tuxedo can be done with these simple steps. By using their proprietary fit algorithm, it will ask you a few basic questions such as your height, weight, pant size, and shirt size. Menguin will fit your rental suit as though it was tailored just for you! Also as an additional step, their expert sizing specialists personally review each order and then reach out in the event of a fitting question. They guarantee a perfect fit.

  • Order Ships to Your Door

Sit back in relax because Menguin will ship your TuxBox right to your door. Inside your box will be filled with your jacket, pants, shoes, and everything else you customized in your selections. Do you know what the best part is? You will receive it 10-11 days before your event. Doing so allows plenty of time for them to send you a replacement if needed. All replacements are 100% free and ships fast!



Once you have received your suit or tux, try it on If your tuxedo or accessories doesn’t fit to your liking, remember they’re available 24/7 .

As a bride or groom, choosing a suit or tuxedo from Menguin has never been so easy. You simply build your tux style, send an email invite to your groomsmen, they get fitted and pay right online. No reminders are needed since Menguin will remind them to check out until they do. -And you know what’s even better? You can also check their progress through checkout.



I just love The Amsterdam suit! This light gray wool 2 button suit is double breasted with a modern satin edge. It includes slim fit pants with no tuxedo stripes. Also available is a matching vest, pink bow tie, socks, and shoes. This suit brings the party to the dance floor. Available in the little guy (3-18) sizes too.

Menguin- a New Way to Rent a Tuxheading


  • Wear it and Return

It’s time to get married, party, and have the time of your life!

Starting this new chapter in your life while looking great on your wedding day creates wonderful memories for the bride and groom. Glancing back at your wedding day photos and reminiscing how beautiful everyone looked is a moment that will last forever.

Returning your Menguin tuxedo is simple and stress-free. After your night of fun, just place your Menguin suit/tuxedo back in the box, place the included prepaid return label on the box or bag then drop it off at your local UPS or hotel. Guys, they even include the packing tape. Now that’s what I call renting a tuxedo made easy.



Looking for more style inspiration on Menguin Tuxedos? Be sure to visit our Pinterest board for ideas.

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