Making Breakfast Healthy Again

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I know for myself, my mornings are pretty hectic. Getting my children up and dressed for school is never a easy task for this mom. After repeating the same words daily to them- “time to get dressed”, “did you brush your hair and teeth?”, “can you get your shoes on please?” or the best one yet, “we’re going to be late” never fails. You would think I was a broken record after the numerous times that I repeat myself.

Needless to say, preparing breakfast for them is something that I would love to do but unfortunately, being rushed and on the go makes it very difficult during the week. That is when I found Garden Lites. Have you heard of them?

While shopping at Publix the other day, I saw Garden Lites- Chocolate Muffins in the freezer section. What caught my eye was they’re made with fresh vegetables. As a mom, trying to impress my children to eat more veggies can be daunting but with the words chocolate and muffins together, I just knew that this would be a great way for them to enjoy a tasty breakfast on the go without them even knowing that there was zucchini and carrots in them. I know, I’m a sneaking mom. Ha-haha. But you must admit, it’s a great way for them to get their veggies in.

If you don’t have a Publix nearby, you can also locate Garden Lites at Stop & Shop, HEB, Kroger, Costco or find their closest location here



Garden Lites products like Chocolate Muffins are gluten free and are veggie rich. How rich? Vegetables are the first and primary ingredient in all of their products. -And get this, they’re also nut-free and diary free. How awesome is that? For only 120 calories, you would never know it. You see, Garden Lites- Chocolate or Blueberry Muffins come frozen and all you need to do is place them in the microwave then grab and go. Making them not only tasty for breakfast but easy to make for  my preteens. They’re so moist and delicious, it’s hard to resist them. Trust me. So good!



-And another reason why I love Garden Lites- Chocolate Muffins is how they come individually wrapped. You can make one muffin at a time or the whole box. It’s a great source of fiber especially in the mornings when we’re running behind and need a healthy breakfast food.

Interested in trying them out? Grab this coupon to save $1 off one box of Garden Lites.



So if you’re a busy mom like me, finding a new way to make breakfast healthy again has never been so easy. These tasty chocolate muffins totally fooled my kids. They had no idea that these scrumptious muffins were made with zucchini and carrots. Honestly, you really can not tell, they’re that good.



So if you’re looking for a way to bring veggies back into breakfast, then try out Garden Lites. You will not be disappointed as they’re so easy to prepare and go.



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