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Make it a K’NEX Christmas

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This post was sponsored on behalf of K’NEX. All opinions stated are my own.

 K'NEX Wild Whiplash Roller Coaster

As you might have known, living here in Central Florida comes with many perks. -And those perks are living so close to our theme parks. We love it and for the most part, we’re fascinated with their attractions. Especially, roller coasters. We just can’t get enough of them. There has not been one that we haven’t tested or disliked yet. They’re so much fun! But I guess you can say, we’re total thrill seekers in this household and love that rush.

So needless to say, when I heard that I would be partnering with K’NEX to bring you a Walmart exclusive K’NEX Wild Whiplash Roller Coaster review, I was pretty excited to tell my son Eric. He loves to build toys so I knew that he would be ecstatic about building it.

Do have a child that also loves to build their toys? K’NEX is the master when it comes to hands-on building sets. Have you ever watched K’NEX videos on Youtube before? Omg, you really should. Most of these coasters seen on Youtube are completely amazing! Seriously, they’re so talented!

We have owned K’NEX building sets before but never one that was a roller coaster and has a motorized chain lift. So we couldn’t wait to start building.

Luckily, my husband had the day off from work so he began helping my son build the K’NEX Wild Whiplash Roller Coaster right away.



Wild Whiplash Roller Coaster Building Set

Being a total newbie when it comes to this type of  building,  it took my husband and son less than five hours to put together. Even although the directions were easy to follow, and it was their first set to build together,  they took their time building it.

With being over  2 1/2 feet high, this creepy carnival themed coaster has 14 feet of  twists, turns, and even loops. Being that my son is 10 years old, it’s totally appropriate for this age group.

Once your Wild Whiplash is put together, you can also add stickers to your coaster car and feature a special graphic panel. How pretty cool is that?

Since this set requires a motorized chain lift for your coaster car to move, you will need two AA batteries (not included).  On the motorized controller motor, you will find an on and off switch. It’s located near the bottom. Once your car is attached to the motorized chain, turn on the control motor. Your car will begin to climb and the fun is about to begin.



Can I just say, watching the coaster car go up the track then come flying down is so awesome! It’s so much fun to watch. Both my children were so amazed by how fast the coaster car actually moves. Now, I can see why K’NEX has called this building set, Wild Whiplash. It’s one crazy ride.



K’NEX building sets allow your children to build massive, moving and motorized roller coaster toys. They’re an interactive toy that has no boundaries or limits. If you can think of it, you can build it. Just let your imagination run.

With over 380 awards and recognitions, K’NEX has become more than a toy company. For kids and adults, K’NEX is a fun way to connect science, technology, math, engineering, and arts all wrapped up in one.





For more information about K’NEX and other building sets like Wild Whiplash, visit them on their website.

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So tell me, has your children asked for a K’NEX building set this year for Christmas?










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