Look how much has changed in Disney Springs!

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Look how much has changed in Disney Springs


Look how much has changed in Disney Springs! It was only last summer when I last visited Disney Springs and so much has changed. No, let me take that back. I was there in December to see the drone show but seriously, I’m been wow’d. Totally, a new transformation here.

Since the new change of name,  Disney Springs has become an instant mega attraction to check out while visiting Central Florida. There is now plenty of parking, tons of new restaurants, and retail stores. Oh yeah, shopping! It’s paradise! I couldn’t believe the amount of dining options that are now available.

Look how much has changed in Disney Springs


Over this past weekend, my family and I wanted to have a late lunch so we took a short drive over. I was pleasantly surprised on how many choices there were for a picky family like mine. One of the issues that I always have is waiting for our food after it’s been ordered. I’ve visited plenty of sit down and even quick service restaurants in and around the Disney property and it’s extremely hard to please the kids when it’s overcrowded but not this time around.


I couldn’t believe how quick and easy it was to order our food.  In fact, my children wanted something different than me and my husband and they chose Blaze Pizza. It’s a fast fire’d 11 inch build your own pizza place and let me tell you, my children absolutely loved it!  You can pick any sauce or toppings you like. -And do you know what? It took less than five minutes to order, and to cook before my children received their pizzas. It was amazing!




Me and my husband wanted to try D-LUXE. Which as very confident to the pizza establishment. D-LUXE is not your normal take out for burgers. Nothing falls short with this place. Omg! The Cheeseburgers were huge and very taste. Not to mention affordable.



You can choose a meal for two that includes a classic burger and a specialty burger. -Plus share handcut fries and two fountain beverages. The Perfect meal to share. Be sure to ask about their dipping sauces they were so good! This food establishment had beautiful views and plenty of shady seating for my large family.


After our lunch , we decided to leisure around Disney Springs and do some shopping.  I was pretty fascinated with the number of brand name stores they had such as Sephora and Kate Spade. This place is unbelievable and I can not wait to return!


So tell me, have you been to Disney Springs lately? What do you think?


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