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I would like to thank Little Tikes for allowing me to be one of their blogging ambassador for the year 2013.

It’s my privilege to review great products from such a world wide known company.

With being an ambassador I take pride in providing my readers the best reviews and great deals on their products that they carry specially with the holiday season approaching.

Have you seen all the new toys coming out this year just in time for the holidays? Little Tikes has given what consumers asked for which is more interactive toys. I know that my children have been a fan of interacting or talking toys. They get the biggest thrill out of them. When your children use their imagination while playing with their toys, you see the most fun in them. From talking to their toys, making sounds, laughing and most of all smiling and having a blast.


These soft new Lil Blabberz are so cute from Little Tikes.

Meet Oolie and Falfa the cutest little fur characters that you could meet.

Each of them has their own jokes or stories and can be played together or alone. There is actually three different Blabberz in this collection missing from the picture is the green Bagoo.


Oolie is the life of the party and loves to have fun telling his jokes and sings to “Rockin’ Robin”. He also plays four games which are:

  • Ask me a Question (When he answers you get to hear the silliest responses)
  • Rhyme Time ( He says a word and your child needs to think of 2 others before time runs out)
  • Spin- a- roo (Kids can guess how many spins Oolie actually does)
  • Spin- a roo multiple player

When Oolie does spin you will observe him spinning in a 360 angle. It’s funny to watch him go! When you watch him speak his mouth opens and closes just like a pac-man . It’s awful cute.

His fur color is pink/purple and is soft to touch.

Talking Lil Falfa is blue in color and does similar things like Oolie does:

  • Tells 6 jokes
  • Plays games
  • Interacts with other Lil Blabberz
  • Dances & Sings


Come check out my video review from Youtube.


One thing is for sure Falfa is curious little guy that likes to explore and be silly.

Both these friendly characters operate manually by pressing the button near the back of the head. It’s something that any recommended age of the child can do.

What I liked about these Lil Blabberz was easy they are for your children to hold and play with. Some other interactive toys are just too bulky or way to big for your child to hold or to love.

Like I said these are shaped like a ball so it’s great for those little hands. The colors of them are bright, fun and engaging. The fact that each one can do 125+ things amazes me. Another thing the Lil Blabberz comes with batteries. Hooray! I really do get excited when toys include batteries because if your mom like me I’m the one that buys a toy and gets it home just to find out I don’t have the right battery needed for it. This way the battery comes included and no more sad faces from our little ones.

Little Tikes is such a remarkable company they truly bring so much laughter and fun into our children’s lives through their toys.

Lil Blabberz retail for $24.99 ea

If you would like to learn more about Lil Blabberz or find out where to purchase these friendly fur balls then visit Little Tikes on their website.

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