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Legoland Florida: A Fun Destination For Everyone

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Welcome to the Legoland Florida Resort. Florida’s only interactive theme park for children.


If your planning a vacation to Florida soon, you must come and visit Legoland Florida.

Legoland Florida is located in Winter Haven, Florida only a short 45 minute drive from Orlando’s nearby theme parks. This interactive theme park is geared for families and children ages 2- 12. It’s actually the largest Legoland park in the world considering it sits on 150 acres with more than 50 rides, shows, attractions, restaurants, a botanical garden and the Legoland Water Park.

Walking up to the entrance certainly builds up the excitement for children as they know what’s in store for them. Can you guess? Oh Yes, Legos!  Millions of them. From Lego statues scattered around the park to the hands on building stations. What’s cool to know is, many of them are interactive with sounds and movements.

Once in the park, you have an option of renting one of their coolest strollers for the young in mind. You also have that option of picking up your packages that you purchased throughout your stay without the hassle of carrying around those big item gifts.



Legoland has many ride attractions . Some that will lift you up so you can get a birds eye view of the park. Just like Island in the Sky. This attraction is located in the beginning and allows riders to rotate on 150 foot platform. Riders must be 48″ inches in height in order to ride this colorful attraction.


We started our day visiting the newly opened Duplo Valley. This area of the park is dedicated for the toddlers in mind. There are five Duplo attractions to choose from. Your active children will love the Duplo Train, Farm, Tractor, Splash and Play and Tot Spot.

These attractions are age appropriate and gives children a sense of riding attractions alone or with their parents.


Next, we walked towards the World of Chima. This now open area is presented by Cartoon Network. It features a whole new experience of a fun and interactive water ride. On your Quest for Chi, you will also see a water play area, a meet n greet and a new 4D movie experience.


Take my advice and the signs posted, you will get wet. Like most water ride attractions, some riders get barely wet while others get “soaked”. In this case, everyone will be wet. This attraction does not play favoritism on where you sit on the interactive boat.  Each rider will sit behind their own spray water cannon as you hit targets and other boats passing by.

My kids were over the top laughing as we were getting hit from left to right with water falls, patrons on the outside of the attraction and other boat riders. It’s a fun ride for anyone over 48″ inches to enjoy.


After that wet adventure, we decided to visit Lego Kingdoms. This area of the park has four attractions Royal Joust, The Forestmen’s Hideout, Merlin’s Challenge and also a roller coaster called The Dragon. Since we fear nothing, our mission was to defeat that Dragon.

This indoor/outdoor attraction first takes you behind the scenes of what a castle filled with legos would look like. You will even meet a dragon before you race outwards on this high speed coaster. Riders must be atleast 40 inches to ride.


The kids were so excited to check out the Miniland USA. This open/walk through attraction allows you to interact with many of these amazing U.S. landmarks. You can find some of Florida’s most popular places to visit like Daytona International Speedway, Kennedy Space Center and Miami Beach.


This Miami Beach Lego model captures exactly what it looks like today. This set is built with all Legos including the motorized boat and Jet ski that moves around. You will even see beach goes loungin’ on the sand and near the waters edges. Unbelievable Right!!


I was totally amazed when looking at the Pirate’s Shore. This pirate themed area of Miniland USA features a pirates adventure and ships that battle it out on the high seas. The folks at Legoland paid close attention to detail as you can see one of the ships below. It’s amazing to see in person.


Here is a Lego model of the U.S. Capital Building located in Washington D.C. This set is an exact replica of what capital looks like even to this day. From the staircases leading up to the capital to the U.S. flags standing proudly, this was pretty awesome for my kids to see.


Now if your a Star Wars fan, you must find the Lego Star Wars Miniland. Oh my gosh, even my husband was excited to see The Clone Wars and the life size Darth Maul model standing. Many of these Star Wars models are interactive with sound just like you hear in the movies. It’s awesome!


We are a family that loves coasters. Even for my 6 year old daughter who has been riding them since she was 4 years old and tall enough.  Needless to say, the CoasterSaurus is an exciting wooden rollercoaster that is located in the Land of Adventure.



CoasterSaurus has dips and curves that are great for children and adults to experience. Along with seeing prehistoric life size Lego dinosaurs, this outside coaster has many thrills. What’s great to know, if you have little ones with you that can’t ride they can play with the Lego Bricks under the covered area near the entrance. This certainly keeps them busy while waiting for your group or the rest of your party to finish riding.


Lego City has five childrens attractions and one live show. Your child will love visiting the Rescue Academy, Flying School, Boating School, Ford Jr. Driving School and Ford Driving School for the older kids. Both of my children loved cruising around in their own personal taxi’s at the Ford Driving School.


Being that this was my daughter’s first time visiting the Ford Driving School, she was quite the serious driver. She was focused on taking turns, stopping at red lights and stop signs located around the circular roadway. It was super fun for parents to sit back and watch our kids take on the superhighway of this real life driving experience as they learn these new skills.


Get ready to soar through the air at the Flying School. This steel coaster lets kids experience the thrill of flight. This outdoor coaster zooms around curves as their feet sway in the air. Me and my daughter sat this ride out but my son and my husband had the honor of being on this fun and exciting coaster. It’s recommended that children be atleast 44″ inches to ride.



By midday we decided to venture into Legoland Water Park to cool down from the Florida sun. Legoland’s Water Park is not open daily so please check the schedule before coming. There is a separate cost to enter although you could include this waterpark ticket with the park’s admission.



Kids and Adults will love the Build a Raft River. It’s where your tube can be transformed to a floating vessel surrounded by Rubber Legos. How cool is that? Pretty darn cool if you asked me. My daughter loved floating down the river building her tube. It was such an amazing experience. One that can only be seen at Legoland Water Park in Florida.


Along with the Build- A Raft River, the Legoland Waterpark also has a Wave Pool, Twin Chaser Water Slides, Three thrill seeker water slides called Splash Out and they even have a toddler area called Duplo Splash Safari.




The Joker Soaker is a fun colorful water playground that children of all ages will love. There is different styles of slides with various lengths and heights.

Oh yes, they even have a 300 gallon water bucket that will pour over the play area and patrons standing below in the wading pool. Children can walk up and down the stairs in this interactive playground as they shoot water, empty buckets and slide down these age appropriate slides.


Did you know that Legoland Florida was built on the land that once was Cypress Gardens? I remember as a child my parents bringing me to Cypress Gardens and looking at the beautiful landscapes, trees and flower arrangements. A portion of this beautiful botanical garden has been restored and still remains a part of the rich history and the soul of this park.


The Cypress Garden is a walk through attraction that brings you in-between natures beautiful landscapes and trees. Each corner or road you take, allows you to enjoy this peaceful nature walk.


The views of the lake is just as beautiful as I remembered it to be when I was a little girl. In my opinion, it still has that sweet southern charm.


One of things that I recall seeing while visiting the Cypress Gardens was this white dome structure. I remember approaching this open air pavilion and seeing women in beautiful southern belle dresses and curved rimmed hats as they greeted us.  Even though it’s not like that anymore, I was able to relive that moment and share that experience with my family.


As we walked, we came across an area that had several statues. This particular area allowed you to walk right up to each statue and read each description. So peaceful and tranquil. You certain don’t see or receive that feeling when visiting theme parks in the area since it’s a mad rush to hurry but walking through the Cypress Gardens was picture perfect.



My family and I came across this unbelievable tree. It’s called an Banyan Tree.

The Banyan Tree is found in mostly forests. As you can see in the pictures below, the roots are actually growing from another tree. The reason behind this is when fruit eating birds drop the seeds they land on branches and stems of the tree. When this happens, the seeds germinate as they send the roots down to the ground.



Usually on large Banyan Trees you will find big leathery green glossy leafs that are elliptical in shape. When you see an older Banyan Tree just like in the picture below you will notice the prop roots are covering a wide area. You will also see every trunk covered connected directly or indirectly with another trunk.

This tree is absolutely beautiful in person. We couldn’t believe how striking it was.


As we were heading towards the exit of the Legoland Florida park we seen this gorgeous waterfall that certainly got our attention. On the bottom of the waterfall they even had green alligators made from Legos. How beautiful!


We made a quick stop for a snack on our way out at Granny’s Apple Fries. Oh my heavens, these lightly fried apples were covered in cinnamon. They were so worth the wait specially since my daughter wanted them earlier in the day. On the side of the cup was heavy whipped cream to dip our apple fries in. So so good!



Even though we stayed until almost closing there were still a few areas and attractions that we sadly missed. Imagination Zone is an area were children can actually build and then race the Lego cars they built. You could also build an Mindstorm Robot, hoist yourself up on the Kid Power Towers and play the latest video games at the WB Game Zones.

Lego Technic has a super fun attraction called Aquazone Wave Racers. It’s where riders zoom in and out to dodge water blasters. Project X is a thrill coaster that is set on a wild track and Technicycle which is a pedal powered spinning machine.

Also, over at Pirates Cove is where you will see live water no stop action stunt shows. This is a great sit down show for all ages to enjoy.



Legoland Florida, In my eyes is a interactive hands on playground for children. All of their attraction are age appropriate starting from toddlers all the way to age 12 and of course those who are still the young at heart. My children enjoyed every attraction we visited as they were geared for their entertainment and liking.

Walking around Legoland was a breath of fresh air compared to the other theme parks in the area. We took our time enjoying every moment without having to rush through the crowds.

Coming this summer is Legoland Florida newest attraction area called Heartlake City. It’s going to be colorful and offering a new land full of surprises. One of the attractions mentioned will be Mia’s Riding Adventure. This horse themed coaster will be the centerpiece to this new edition.

Lastly, Legoland Florida will be opening their first ever hotel. These accommodations will be only feet from the entrance which makes your vacation and stay more enjoyable.


For more information on hours of operation please visit their website.

Stay connected with Legoland on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube.

2015 Internet/ Special Rates

Legoland Florida


Adults: 13 years old and up $89.00 Includes Legoland Water Park
Children: 12 years old  to 3 years old: $82.00 Includes Legoland Water Park

Ticket Window

Adults: 13 years old and up $89.00
Children: 12 years old  to 3 years old: $82.00

Annual Passes

Starting from $99 and up

Parking $15.00

Legoland Water Park Cabana Rentals

Daily started at $89

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  • Travis

    I've always wanted to visit Legoland. While Disney World and Universal Studios would be amazing, I just find all the stuff made from Legos so darn cool.
  • AJ @ Roaming Family

    My kids all want to go here so bad! I think we are going to go for my youngest daughter's 4th birthday in September. How FUN!
  • Aisha Kristine Chong

    Once I go in Florida this is something I had to visit once - with my niece. She'll love it here.
  • Donna L. Ward

    Yes this is very cool! We have a Legoland out here in So. Cal - But, I just know it can't be this awesome! This is a grand adventure!
  • lisa @bitesforbabies

    Wow! Looks like such a fun place to take the kids...my son is just starting to get into Legos..he would love this!
  • Fi Ní Neachtáin

    Florida's Legoland looks amazing - and I didn't even know there was one there. I though they were only in the UK and Denmark. My other half and our son would have a blast there, it looks like such a fun place for a trip!
  • Jeanine

    Wow. Your legoland is pretty fantastic. Florida seems to do everything better but still, this is awesome. We are heading to our Legoland soon, and I can't wait to see if its half as good as this one!
  • Carrie Abramson (@theregoesgypsy)

    Wow that looks like so much fun and a great place to bring kids! I love the photos you took. It is crazy that people made such intricate Lego masterpieces!
    • Michele

      Yes I agree! Talent is not the word. They pay so close to attention. The U.S. Miniland is so life like. It's definitely worth walking around and checking these models out. Thanks for visiting!
  • Krystal

    We went last summer and had so much fun! I had no idea Cypress Gardens was a part of it so seeing those banyan trees was such a fun surprise.
  • Tanya C.

    I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to take my boys here! They get the Lego magazine and have been begging for years to be able to go. You're pictures are great - I can't wait to show them your article :)
    • Michele

      It really is such a fun place for kids. It's a interactive theme park that is dedicated for children. It's so lovely there!

    It looks like you had a great time. My kids always wanted to visit LegoLand and we never got the chance. We will make sure to visit it next time
  • Yona Williams

    I have a thing for custom-made LEGOS and LEGO statues (they make the best photo ops)…I think they are so fun. I haven't been to a LEGOLAND before, but I bet it would be a blast.
  • Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen

    I would love to take my family there one of these days -- maybe when my baby is old enough to appreciate it.

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