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Learn to Speak Spanish with Wlingua! #SpanishCourseWlingua

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Wlingua Have you ever wanted to learn Spanish and felt that you couldn’t or didn’t know where to start? Wlingua offers an online course for those who are interested in learning how to become a skilled speaker of Spanish. Currently, this app is available on Google Play or you can download it from your i-Tunes account.




You have 420 lessons on this app to choose from. Those lessons will take you from the basics of learning to advanced. The app is user friendly which makes it easy for any age to follow along. Wlingua also makes it so easy to understand when your learning the Spanish language at your own pace and in your own time.  How awesome is that! By downloading it to your mobile device, it becomes so easy to learn on the go! For myself, I never truly learned how to speak in Spanish. Yes, I know a few words from back in my school years, but learning and speak it fluently is something that I always wanted to achieve and now I can!


learn spanish   First, the app directs you to take an assessment or choose a level to start. This is only optional but it allows you to select the correct learning material for you or your children. During the assessment, you are asked a number of questions that you will need to answer correctly. Right away, I was given permission to start my beginner lessons on Wlingua.  I’m assuming it gets harder as the lessons move up but for right now it’s easy as pie. The vocabulary lesson was great for me and my children as we could see a picture that matches the Spanish and English words. It certainly gave us more visual clues which I admired. Overall, I think it’s great for beginners even at my age to learn a new language is fantastic!  Your never too old or too young to make a difference! This app is great for kids too. As you learn, they can learn with you. It’s awesome! ( Impresionante)

If you would like to download this Spanish Learning educational app from Wlingua for your iOS click here.

Feel free to download this app for Android users  here.

For more information about Wlingua and their apps, please visit them on their website. Stay connected with Wlingua on Facebook, Twitter and Google +.

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