K’nexmen Mystery Figures/ Building Set Review

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 I would like to thank K’nex for allowing me to review their K’nexmen Mystery Figures and Plane/Truck/ Helicopter building sets for exchange of my views.
As parents we try to have our children engage their imagination along with playing constructively with their toys. I know my children love to build projects and are excited to see the ending result when they are finished. K’nex brings so much fun when kids are creating their own building creations. It’s a blast to watch them come up with different ways to build their items or projects. It’s amazing how well they come up with ideas on their own to make their creations come to life!

When children are focusing and using their imagination it really does keep them interested and stimulated. I know when I was a child, I too loved to build with blocks or logs it was my favorite pass time.

K’nex has many wonderful products from toddlers to teens. On their website you can find Tinkertoys, building sets for thrill rides, multi- model sets and fun sets like Mario Kart Wii.



K’nexmen is a new addition to the K’nex family. K’nexmen recently won the 2013 Tillywig for best creative fun.  Each package contains 2 K’nexmen Mystery Figures and there is 16 different figures in the first series collection. Your children will love to collect and build these figures. The recommended age is 5 years or old because of the small size of each figure. You can find characters in each package such as pirates, astronauts, pilots, race car drivers, zombies and more. What is great about these mystery figures is that you never know who you might get. 


Another great feature is they are compatible with all leading building sets. They retail for a low price of  $2.99 each and are available on K’, your local toy store or Amazon.


I just love these building sets and so doesn’t my son. I can’t believe how interested and determine he was to build each set.

The truck building set comes with 67 pieces and is great for children ages 5 and up. It took my son no time to get all these pieces together and to build his truck. I liked how simple it was for him to do by himself.


K’nex Plane Building set was just as satisfying for him to accomplish. This set has 67 pieces and as you can see my son placed one of his K’nexmen on the top to pretend he was flying this plane.


His favorite set was the helicopter building set which has 62 pieces to it. He was able to place the K’nexmen inside and move the rotor just like a real helicopter.


He really had so much fun building and making these sets come true. With K’nex products like these there is no stopping our children to be open to imagination, to use their skills to learn while playing with toys like these.

I highly recommend all these sets and I believe that your young one will enjoy them just like my son continues to do so.

You can find these K’nex Building Sets on K’, your local toy store and Amazon. Each set retails for $6.99 ea.

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