K’nex: Angry Birds Red Planet Review

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I would like to thank K’nex for allowing me to review their New Angry Birds Red Planet building set for exchange of my views.

My son is a big Angry Birds fan so when I found out that I was getting a chance to review two of his favorite things he was thrilled!

If your not familiar with Angry Birds then let me get you up to speed with them. Angry Birds first started out as a video game application for your android cellphone or Apple I-pod back in 2009. It continues to be very popular as they have broaden the Angry Birds line with other characters like Star Wars, stuffed toys and video games.

The game is based on launching pigs or birds by a sling shot on varies stations or structures . When doing so you destroy all the pigs on the playing field.

It’s great that K’nex integrated their building sets with Angry Birds. By doing this, it gives children a hands on experience with playing and building with their favorite bird characters.


The  New Angry Birds Red Planet Building Set Hogs on Mars edition includes 160 pieces, Incredible Terrance and Lightening Bird figures, two evil space pigs and a working launcher just like the game. What’s great about this set is how you can use all these pieces with the other Angry Bird sets that you might already own. That’s what great about K’nex and their building sets. They really love to see your imagination grow with continuing to build from sets to sets. With this set you have plenty of pieces to build so you can plan your attack. Hogs on Mars edition is perfect for ages 7 and up since it has small pieces.

Did you know that you can also download more instructions to give you ideas on how to expand your K’nex sets? How cool is that!

It’s always fun for my son to help me review these awesome opportunities. We love sharing our time together building!

The New Angry Birds Red Planet is available exclusively for Toys R us but you can visit K’nex on their website to find out more information.

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