Keeping Families Safe in the Kitchen

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What to do to stay safe while working in the kitchen?
Your safety always claims your utmost attention. No matter what you do in your kitchen, keeping yourself safe and sound is your basic right and responsibility as well.

The kitchen work is particularly risky and, hence, care-demanding and time-taking. Not only does it demand you to be able but also agile and vigilant while working in the kitchen.

We are here to guide you about the safety tips to follow if you are doing the kitchen work.

1. Safety about plug-wires and cords.

Never compromise with the frayed wires and cords on your electrical appliances. Also, make sure that their plugs have 3-prong grounded connections. Instead of using an extension lead, always
manage a junction box with a built-in ground fault interrupter (GFI). Not only will you get an extra plugin space but will also remain safe from an electrocution injury, for GFI kicks-in the moment a power shortage is there.

Moreover, it will also help you avoid water shock accidents.

2. Discard all the damaged or broken appliances.

Faulty appliances always prove dangerous and irritating as well. Replace them at once and be safe. Though the new ones are also not very costly, you can buy the used ones if you cannot afford them.
Ensure the old ones are not already broken.

3. Be watchful about the stove

Always remain vigilant while working with the burning stove. Never wear loose sleeves or too open a shirt so that it may not touch the flame. Keep the flame at a fairly medium level and never leave any cooking pot on the burning stove unattended even for a while. Switch off the burner as soon as you remove the pots from it. Ensure there is no leakage of gas ever and always manage to keep your children away from the burning stove.

4. How to work with the knife?

Knives are both useful and dangerous at the same time. Try to observe the following tips and keep yourself safe.

  • Always keep the top of your kitchen shelf safe by using a cutting board.
  • Ensure you cut away from your body.
  •  Never lay them side or edgewise. Always lay them flat when not using them.
  •  Always keep them sharp and clean including their handles. A slippery handle may cause
    your injuries at any time.
  •  Wash your knives with warm soapy water the soonest you have used them.
  •  Never ever try to catch a falling knife. Better it hits the ground than hurts you.

5. Use a childproof lock for critical things.

Keeping critical things like medicines, sharp knives, cleaning material like detergents, etc. in the reach of kids could always be dangerous. So put a child lock to your relevant cabinets to keep the curious little hands away from the risky items. Also better if you keep a lock to the oven as well.

You can make the maximum of your kitchen if you always use it carefully and skilfully.

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