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Jelly Bean Martini

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Now here is something to ponder about. All those extra Jellybeans going to waste. Well, not necessary. My Jelly Bean Martini gives Jellybeans a wanted space where only adults will enjoy.

I will admit, I’m not one for having cocktails. I guess that you could say that I’m more of a social drinker or on special occasions I may attempt a special concoction here and there.

Just the other night when I was having a date night with my husband, I said to him I’m in the mood for a cocktail. He looked at me and grinned because he knew how rare this happens.

So when our waitress came over to our table and asked, I ordered a Lemon Drop Martini. When she returned back with our drinks she asked, Is this a special occasion? I honestly giggled because for a minute I thought I had a sign on my forehead that read “NonDrinker”. I replied back and said, well if you call having dinner with your husband without interruptions from your children then YES, we’re celebrating! Hahaha. True story.

Needless to say, the very next today I said to my husband I’m going to make a Jelly Bean Martini for Easter.

I thought it would be a fun cocktail to make -Plus, having those extra Peeps and Jellybean on hand makes this cocktail complete.

I will say, not all Jellybeans brands are the same when it comes to taste. Not that I’m a Jellybean expert over here but Jolly Rancher Original was perfect to use in this drink. Have you tried them?

Fear not, just open up a bag and take a sniff. Smells so heavenly.

To make Jelly Bean Martini’s you will need 6 ingredients. You will need:

  • Cotton Candy Vodka (Pinnacle®)
  • Orange liqueur
  • Jellybeans (Jolly Rancher) Red, Pink
  • Peeps
  • Ice
  • Sugar-Red Food Coloring

First, place your Martini glasses in the refrigerator for one hour to chill.

Next, separate your jellybeans. You’ll be needing only the red or pink.

In a small bowl or plastic container, add 1/4 cup of the jellybeans.

Pour 3 oz of Cotton Candy Vodka over the top of the jellybeans. Cover then refrigerate.


When it’s time to serve, fill your cocktail or martini shaker with ice. Give the jellybeans covered with vodka a shake. At this point, your vodka should be the color of your jellybeans. Preferably in the shade of pink.

If you want to jazz it up take your chilled martini glass and dip the rim in water.

In a bowl, add sugar and two drops of red food coloring. Blend well. Your sugar will change to the color pink. Pretty easy right? Dip glass in sugar and done!

Strain the vodka into the shaker. Discard jellybeans.  Add 1/4 cup of orange liqueur in the shaker. Give it a good shake.

Strain well into your chilled martini glasses. Garnish with a colorful Peep and add 3-4 jellybeans to your glass if desired.




So what do you think? For someone who is an occasional drinker, these whimsical martini’s were fun to make. Perfect for your next cocktail party or to serve around Easter.



So tell me, What is your favorite cocktail?

Would love to hear about your ideas on how to use leftover jellybeans.

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