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IZEAFest 2015

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It’s been over a week now and I can’t stop thinking how much fun I had at IZEAFest this year.

What a outstanding conference it was. Three days of unbelievable fun and loads of beneficial information.

This was the first time attending IZEAFest so I wasn’t too sure what to expect. I’ve been affiliated with this network for quite some time now and to be so close to the creator of IZEA was certainly remarkable.

This year, the IZEAFest conference was locate right inside of the Walt Disney World’s Dolphin Hotel.

Have you ever been? This hotel is absolutely beautiful. It’s also walking distance to Disney’s Boardwalk Hotel and Epcot.



The first day I arrived, I was completely overjoyed! Over at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel is where I went to pick up my credentials for this three day event. I was greeted by friendly staff and was given my pass and schedule. I also received a pretty awesome swag bag with loads of fun goodies like an IZEA shirt and a selfie stick.

Next, I jetted off to the Opening Party over at Disney’s Boardwalk- Atlantic Dance Hall. What a happening place this was. There was a DJ who played upbeat music, a small buffet of food was served and oh yes there was an open bar.  How can you not enjoy yourself in this atmosphere? Oh you certainly would!

During this time, I grabbed something to eat and took a seat. As I sat there and people gawked, I was amazed how friendly everyone was so I did some mingling of my own and met a few interesting attendees.

One of them was a graphic designer who attends a local college nearby and the other worked for a local newspaper in marketing. Needless to say, it was an amazing night to be surrounded with not only bloggers but with talented and engaging professionals from all angles.



Bright and early Saturday morning, I returned back to the Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel to begin the IZEAFest conference.

When I ever walked in the conference room and seen the rows of people clapping and enjoying the dancing of Fik-Shun, (the season 10 winner of So You Think You Can Dance) I just knew it was going to be an amazing day!

It definitely was a way for the attendees to get motivated in the morning! What an incredible performance!



As I sat and listened to the open remarks from the CEO & Founder of IZEA Ted Murphy, I couldn’t help myself but to be glued to my seat. I’ll tell you right now, I was influenced by his speech.

You see, IZEAFest is not one of those boring lecture conferences. It’s a welcoming way to educate, inform and evaluate new marketing techniques.  It’s an event where you also learn more about branding, growing your traffic and how to make more money online.

Ted Murphy also explained about new exciting services coming to IZEA and how “ebay” has now merged with them. It certainly is a promising time to be part of the IZEA network.



This event not only speaks to bloggers but it’s informative for marketing & agency professionals such as public relation firms, and those who work in communications. It covers such a wide diverse of professions and it benefits us all.



Along with keynote speakers like Mario Lopez, Joel Comm and sponsors like Kellogg’s, Blogs Release and PayPal,  have truly made this event possible. Having that opportunity to listen and learn from these speakers personally gives me more knowledge about my own brand.






While during a intermission break, I got this pretty snazzy shirt from one of Orlando Magic’s Cheerleaders.

Champion The Creators. If you think about it, we all have a story to tell. Whether it starts from your kitchen, your travels, your interest or experience, You’re the creator, the storyteller.

When I embarked in this journey four years ago as a blogger,  I would of never thought in a million years that my life, my story could relate to others. Blogging and interacting with my readers is something I enjoy the most. It’s more than an online connection, it’s a way for me to express my thoughts about my brand and how it will implement or make a difference in ones life.

During my time at IZEAFest this year, I’ve learned how your possibilities are endless. How it’s important to be open to explore new ways to create content. How to expand my revenue with sponsors but most of all, dive into my passion.




So tell me, Have you been to IZEAFest?

What makes you The Champion The Creator?

Disclosure: The blog, Sunshine and Flip Flops received admission to attend this event. My thoughts and opinions are my own. I would like to thank Blogs Release for the honor of having me attend on their behalf.

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