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When the Holidays start , the togetherness with family and dear friends begin. During the next few weeks, we will gather with our loved ones as we prepare for one of most thankful holiday traditions called Thanksgiving. Giving thanks for the meals we are about to receive, sharing old memories and creating new ones is something that I always look forward in doing. Not to forget that unbelievable meal that your about to receive.  Goodness, I can not wait! Hey, I will admit it’s my one day to enjoy a little bit of everything.

One of things that I dislike the most about entertaining is, how much my time is spent on cooking and keeping those yummy foods warm enough for us to enjoy. Like most families, we only have 4 burners on our stove so it can be quite difficult at times to keep your meals prepared and stay hot at the same time. There has been plenty of times it can get a little chaos in my kitchen.  On these occasions, I put my trust in my handy dandy microwave to heat things up until now.

BrylaneHome offers the best solutions when it comes to their home kitchen appliances. Their brand name BrylaneHome products are exceptional pieces and are durable but yet they make cooking or preparing your favorite dishes so much easier.

Recently, I had an opportunity to review the BrylaneHome Non-Stick Triple Buffer Server and today I am please to share with you my experience.


The BrylaneHome Non-Stick Triple Buffet Server is excellent to use when your cooking and dining with your family and friends. This three separate section buffet server will keep your different side dishes warm at three adjustable temperatures. The buffet server features a warming base with three  2 and a 1/2 quart stainless steel pans and three see through plastic dome like style covers.


Triple Buffet Server


With most food warmers or servers on the market, you usually need to place water on the bottom of the tray to keep your foods warm but not with this Non-Stick Triple Buffet Server. It’s all done by electric.

The bottom of the buffet server has a heating element and that is what keeps your foods warm during serving. I really like that feature because you can also use the bottom to keep foods like appetizers, h’orderves, snacks or party dishes warm and ready for your guest to consume. Another feature that I would like to add is how the covers are light weight which is safer to use. Each cover has a comfortable handle that allows you to access your foods with ease.

The stainless steel appearance is also a big hit in my opinion. The sleek design of this Triple Buffet Server gives the rest of my small appliances some competition. I have to tell ya, clean up was so easy. Not one piece of my pasta or sauce was left on the serving pans. On the safe side, I did hand wash the lids and pans as I did not see it was dish washer safe.

Buffer Server 2

One of many reasons why I love the Triple Buffet Server from BrylaneHome is how it can be used for multiple purposes. During the week and with our busy schedules, it’s hard to keep my families dinner warm specially when they all arrive home at different times. This would be a great way to keep those side dishes warm before they come home. Another reason is the holidays. Like I said before, it can be very hard to keep my foods warm in between preparing other dishes. Having the Non-Stick Triple Buffet Server will help me during the holidays or while I am entertaining my guests without having the worries.

The Non-Stick Triple Buffet Server retails for $99.00 although it’s currently on sale for $39.99. That’s 60% off! It’s a steal!

For more information about BrylaneHome and the kitchen appliances that they offer, please visit their website.

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