Helping the American Economy with Yamaha

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When it comes to purchasing the best motorcycle parts and accessories, many consumers feel you can’t do better than buying American. On the surface that puts the Japanese-based Yamaha Corporation out of the running when purchasing quality ATVs.

When enthusiasts dig a little deeper, they’ll find that many of those same machines are made in the USA. While these products carry a Japanese name, they were put together by hand at the Newnan, Georgia factory.
Savings on Shipping While Americans see transferring manufacturing overseas is a bad idea since it takes jobs away from local workers, businesses in other countries don’t feel the same way. Moving production to different continents only makes sense from a certain point of view.


The reason is simple: most ATV sales occur in the United States, with Canada taking the second-place slot. Since Americans are buying ATVs much more than other countries, Yamaha will save on shipping those products, passing the savings onto their customers.
American Made These moves can only mean good things for American workers. In 2011, the company transferred the majority of ATV production and Yamaha OEM parts for those vehicles to the Newnan factory, creating over 90 jobs in the process.

Even though a portion of the profit goes to corporate in Japan, a good chunk of that is passed on to local families. While the label may say “Yamaha”, the construction is still from the USA. Not Just Georgia.
Since its purple mountains’ majesty is perfect for tearing up tracks in ATVs and offroad bikes, the US finds a lot of use for the company’s products. Other locations in America that work with and manufacture Yamaha motorcycle accessories, ATVs and bikes include:

● Corporate offices in California
● Two Yamaha offices in Georgia
● Operations in Alabama and Wisconson
● Plants in Tennessee and Georgia
● G3 Boats in Missouri
● Bennet Marine in Florida
● Other facilities in Texas, Indiana, and Wisconson

As a result, when you buy Yamaha parts and accessories online, you know you’re not only getting quality products but are helping the American economy at the same time.


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